Ukrainian government bans letters Z and V on car license plates, Interior Ministry clarifies rules

29 April, 04:51 PM
The government has banned the letters Z and V on car license plates (

The government has banned the letters Z and V on car license plates (

Following confusion over the Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers’ recent banning of the issuing of car license plates containing symbols associated with Russia's war in Ukraine, the Interior Ministry has clarified the rules of the ban.

The main service center of the Interior Ministry said that from now on, the letters "Z" and "V" are prohibited if their use in a license plate has a hint of the symbolism of the Russian invasion. That is, these letters cannot be used separately, or in combination with words written in Cyrillic, in place of the Cyrillic letters "З", "С", "В", "Ф".

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This prohibition also applies to inscriptions, images, and symbols of the communist totalitarian regime, and those of the National Socialist (Nazi) totalitarian regime.

The ministry emphasized that Ukrainian license plates “cannot show the emblems of the bodies of the terrorist state (of Russia) and the armed forces of Russia: ground forces, aerospace forces, navy, strategic missile forces, etc.”

The ministry published an infographic on license plates, according to which it is not allowed to place inscriptions such as "KUZVAS", "ZAPOBEDU", "ZAPRAVDU" on license plates, but inscriptions such as "VICTORY", "ZORRO", "PIZZA" are allowed.

Back in April of last year, the Verkhovna Rada passed a law banning the symbols used by the Russian military in the war against Ukraine, and recognizing Russia itself as a terrorist state. A year later, Ukraine’s Cabinet of Ministers on April 21 adopted a resolution according to which the license plate of a vehicle cannot contain symbols of Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

Russia used the symbols “Z”, “V” and “O” as tactical symbols during its full scale invasion of Ukraine, and continues to inscribe them on tanks, infantry fighting vehicles and other military vehicles.

Examples of the use of letters on individual license plates (Фото: Ministry of Internal Affairs)
Examples of the use of letters on individual license plates / Photo: Ministry of Internal Affairs

In particular, the Latin letter “Z” has come to stand more generally for Russia’s war of aggression on Ukraine, being referred to as the “Zvastika” or “half-swastika” for its resemblance to a pared down version of the symbol of Nazi Germany.

Supporters of the Kremlin regime use the symbol as a sign of support for Russia’s war of aggression on Ukraine.

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