Ukrainian government proposes sectoral sanctions against Iran

25 April, 09:48 PM
Iran supports Russia's full-scale war against Ukraine (Photo:Ivan Alvarado/REUTERS)

Iran supports Russia's full-scale war against Ukraine (Photo:Ivan Alvarado/REUTERS)

The government of Ukraine has approved a proposal to introduce vast sectoral sanctions against Iran for its material support of Russian aggression, Ukrainian Economy Ministry said in a message on its website on April 25. The restrictions would last up to 50 years, and will have to be approved by the National Security and Defense Council (NSDC).

The proposals were initially reviewed by an interdepartmental working group on the implementation of state sanctions policy, chaired by First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy Yulia Svyrydenko.

“We are launching sectoral sanctions against Iran,” said Svyrydenko.

“The previous restrictions imposed by Ukraine and our partners on persons and companies directly involved in the supply of weapons to Russia, unfortunately, were not taken seriously as a warning. Well then, we will strengthen our arguments.”

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According to the minister, the government will also work to involve as many countries as possible, hoping to get them to join the initiative to punish Tehran for becoming Moscow’s foremost military ally.

The proposed sanctions will prevent residents of Iran from moving capital outside Ukraine, prohibit the transfer of technology, rights to intellectual property and investment to Iran and its residents. They would also include a ban on servicing electronic payment instruments, including transfers, payments, and cash withdrawals, issued by residents of Iran.

The sanctions will take effect after NSDC, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, and the Ukrainian parliament all sign off on the decision.

According to The Wall Street Journal, over the past six months, Iran has delivered over 300,000 artillery shells and approximately one million small arms ammunition cartridges to Russia.

Iran secretly supports Russia's war against Ukraine, supplying the Kremlin regime with kamikaze drones for attacks on civilian objects and critical infrastructure. At the same time, Iranian officials have consistently and categorically denied that Tehran supplies drones to Russia.

Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry has called on Tehran to immediately stop supplying weapons to Russia and warned of shared responsibility for Russia’s crimes of aggression. Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba has initiated a break in diplomatic relations with Iran.

Back in 2022, CNN reported that the Iranian authorities intend to supply Russia with 1,000 short-range ballistic missiles.

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