Ukrainian intel says all nuclear weapons storage sites in Russia known, monitoring movements

2 January, 04:59 PM
Russia systematically threatens nuclear weapons against the background of its actions in Ukraine (Photo:HUR)

Russia systematically threatens nuclear weapons against the background of its actions in Ukraine (Photo:HUR)

The Main Intelligence Directorate (HUR) of Ukraine’s Defense Ministry knows all the nuclear weapons storage sites in Russia and monitors movements at them, Ukrainian military intelligence spokesperson Vadym Skibitsky said on Ukrainian national television on Jan. 2.

“First, we know all the storage sites,” he said.

“Secondly, we know the number and location of tactical-level nuclear weapons carriers. We constantly monitor all movements of all carriers. We monitor the active measures that the 12th Chief Directorate of Russia’s Ministry of Defense may or is conducting. It is this agency that is responsible for the preparation and delivery of nuclear warheads to weapons.”

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Skibitsky noted that Ukraine has experience in monitoring and intelligence of strategic and other military drills of nuclear forces, which have been held since 2014 and earlier.

“We know all the procedural issues,” the official said.

“Therefore, Ukraine’s HUR constantly keeps the nuclear component of the Russian armed forces under observation.”

He said that the Kremlin continues to take “information measure”s aimed at intimidation and demonstration of the possibility that it might use nuclear weapons.

Skibitsky also assured that Ukraine has a relevant warning system.

He added the Ukrainian military was trying to find out all the signs of preparation for the possible use of any kind of nuclear weapons or their deployment closer to Ukraine.

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin said on Dec. 7 that the threat of nuclear was is growing.

In September, Ukrainian intelligence officials said that they consider the risk of Russia using tactical nuclear weapons against Ukraine at – some point – was “very high,” even if it remains unlikely in near term.

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