Ukrainian intelligence refutes fake Russian video of alleged Ukrainian attack on civilian car

29 March, 01:15 AM
Russian propaganda continues attempts to discredit the Armed Forces of Ukraine, intelligence says (Photo:GUR)

Russian propaganda continues attempts to discredit the Armed Forces of Ukraine, intelligence says (Photo:GUR)

A video posted online on March 27 purportedly showing a person in a Ukrainian military uniform shooting at a civilian car with a woman and child inside has been refuted as a fake used for Russian propaganda, the Main Intelligence Directorate of Ukraine’s Defense Ministry said on Telegram on March 28. 

The footage allegedly captured by a dashcam was immediately shared by Russian propaganda, repeating the well-known delusion about the “Ukrainian Nazis.”

“The video turned out to be a complete failure and yet another stupid fake of Russian propaganda, which in its morbid fantasies does not disdain any ethical norms and topics,” the intelligence reported.

Video of day

The agency listed several reasons in its determination that the video is fake:

• The location is in Russia-occupied territory between Donetsk and Makiyivka: a turn from a district road to a shooting range of Donetsk puppet authorities

• One of the sources is “Yuriy Alekseich Z V”

• Ukrainian soldiers put solid crosses on their cars, while the Russians put crosses of the Nazi Germany’s Wehrmacht, as seen in the propaganda video

• Dashcams are banned in Ukraine

• The body of the car on which the Ukrainian military is allegedly driving was made in Russia, it was never delivered to Ukraine

• Low-quality editing: at 01:35, a soldier near the car fires a machine gun, but no loud gunshots can be heard. The window of the car is open, they were talking through it. There is no sound of the window closing. When the car is driving back, the window is open again, as can be heard. There was a shot that shows the shell casings flying – there should have been at least some sound at that moment.

The intelligence emphasized that Russian psyops continue to try to discredit the Ukrainian Armed Forces to create a conflict with the Muslim community.

In this video a dialogue between the soldier and the woman driving the vehicle can be heard, pointing to the assumption that she is Crimean Tatar.

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