Ukrainian military says it welcomes idea of creating female combat unit

14 March, 06:25 PM
Ukrainian servicemen (Photo:Юридична служба Збройних Сил України/Legal via Facebook)

Ukrainian servicemen (Photo:Юридична служба Збройних Сил України/Legal via Facebook)

The Ukrainian military says it welcomes the idea of creating a separate, all-female combat unit, Ukrainian army press secretary Bohdan Senyk told Ukrainian news outlet Hromadske on March 14. 

“The creation of a female combat unit in the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other military formations will have a positive effect on the development of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, ensure access to positions for women, and provide opportunities and equality of rights regarding their military service,” Senyk said.

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Ukrainian marine Yaryna Chornohuz earlier proposed to create all-female reconnaissance, aerial reconnaissance, sapper, sniper, mortar platoons, or an artillery battery.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces said of the idea, “(it’s) acceptable after (the women) undergo the appropriate professional training.”

Chornohuz said that physical training for women differs from that of men. Men, for example, are generally quicker and stronger, making it difficult for a woman to get into a combat company. A separate unit for women would allow opportunities for career growth.

Some 59,786 women were serving in the Armed Forces of Ukraine as of November 2022, including 41,000 military personnel and 18,000 non-uniformed workers, such as doctors and other staff. About 5,000 women are now directly involved in hostilities, of which 10% are in territorial defense units.

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