Ukrainian military says Russians using Melitopol airfield as base for its attack aircraft, helicopters

28 April, 01:07 PM
The occupiers continue to use the Melitopol airfield (Photo:Schemy)

The occupiers continue to use the Melitopol airfield (Photo:Schemy)

Russian invaders are continuing to use an airfield in the occupied town of Melitopol as a base for their aircraft and helicopters, Ukraine’s General Staff said in a report posted on Facebook on April 28.

"The Russian occupiers are continuing to use Melitopol airfield as a base for Su-25 attack aircraft, Ka-52 attack helicopters and Mi-8 transport and combat aircraft," reads the report.

The town of Melitopol has been under a Russian military occupation since early March, falling after fierce fighting with the Ukrainian military.

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The residents tried to protest against the occupation authorities, but the Russians violently dispersed the protests.

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