Ukrainian ombudsman demands access to prison in Olenivka where dozens of POWs were killed

30 July, 04:58 PM
Dmytro Lubinets (Photo:Дмитро Лубінець via Facebook)

Dmytro Lubinets (Photo:Дмитро Лубінець via Facebook)

Verkhovna Rada Commissioner for Human Rights Dmytro Lubinets demanded live on Ukrainian television on July 30 that he be allowed to visit the prison colony in Olenivka, where Ukraine suspects Russia murdered dozens of Ukrainian prisoners of war.

“I'm not just ready – I demand that I be given the opportunity to visit the site of this war crime," Lubinets said.

According to the ombudsman, the barrack where the explosion occurred was built separately, which indicates a planned operation on the part of the Russians. In addition, propagandist Telegram channels already reported back in June about “plans of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to strike Olenivka.”

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"We assume that there was an explosion from inside the building," Lubinets said.

“(That’s because) the barracks located nearby were not damaged. Even the glass (in windows) was not damaged. I think that all military experts will agree unanimously that this is impossible in principle if any projectile hits the barracks. Miraculously, the Russian soldiers who were there were also unharmed. Not a single employee of this correctional institution was injured either.”

He also noted that the Red Cross and the UN were to have acted as guarantors of the safety of the Ukrainian soldiers who surrendered in Mariupol after mounting a lengthy defense of the city from a redoubt in the Azovstal steel plant there.

In addition, Lubinets appealed to his Russian counterpart, Tatyana Moskalkova, to join him in Olenivka. Thus, in their presence, experts could take material samples for investigation.

"If you have nothing to hide, then give us this opportunity," the ombudsman said, addressing the Russian authorities.

Ukraine’s General Staff says Russian troops carried out a targeted and deliberate attack on the correctional institution in the settlement of Olenivka in Donetsk Oblast, where Ukrainian prisoners from the Azov Regiment were held, among others.

The Russian side accused the Armed Forces of Ukraine of "hitting the colony with HIMARS" high-precision rocket artillery, as a result of which 53 Ukrainian prisoners of war were killed.

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