Ukrainian paratroopers destroy Russian tank in enemy assault near Donetsk – video

15 March, 01:06 PM
Ukrainian paratroopers repelled an attempt to storm the invaders near Donetsk (Photo:Кадр відео

Ukrainian paratroopers repelled an attempt to storm the invaders near Donetsk (Photo:Кадр відео

Dramatic video has emerged of Ukrainian paratroopers destroying a Russian tank during an assault by invading Russian forces in the Donetsk area.

The Airborne Assault troops of the Ukrainian Armed Forces posted the footage on Telegram on March 15.

“Paratroopers of the 79th Separate Airborne Assault Brigade continue to hold defensive lines near Donetsk,” the report says.

“Our positions are attacked here every day. To oust paratroopers, the enemy often uses armored vehicles: tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, and armored personnel carriers. This time, the enemy threw in a tank along with the infantry to storm positions.”

Video of day

The footage shows the results of the combat work of the Ukrainian anti-tank gunners, who scored a direct hit on the Russian combat vehicle with an anti-tank missile. It shows the tank ablaze after the anti-tank missile hit, Russian troops milling about behind it and further explosions, likely from artillery.

Towards the end of the video, with the tank fully ablaze, there is a second, large explosion – probably the tank’s own ammunition detonating.

The paratroopers said they were successful in forcing the enemy to retreat.

Earlier on March 14, Ukrainian border guards destroyed a group of Russian soldiers and a Russian ammo depot in the Bakhmut area.

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