Ukrainian sniper’s skills, and night-vision technology, impress US Marine

13 January 2022, 06:07 PM

American writer and former U.S. Marine Corps machine gunner Josh Brooks was very impressed by a video of Ukrainian army sniper Olena Bilozerska taking down a Russian proxy soldier in the Donbas, in a video posted to military combat video website Funker 530.

The 42-year-old Bilozerska is a Kyiv native, journalist, blogger and activist. In 2014, she joined  Praviy Sektor, a right-wing Ukrainian political party and paramilitary movement, as a volunteer on the front line against the Russian-led conflict, and joined the Ukrainian army officially in 2018.

The video shows Bilozerska observing a Russian proxy position through thermal optics at some point during the night. The sniper can be seen waiting for the opponent to reveal enough of a heat signature to be targeted by, before taking her shot.

Video of day

Brooks commented that thermal and night vision technologies were no longer only the preserve of advanced military forces such as the United States. “The secret is out, and nobody gets to claim they own the night anymore,” wrote Brooks in his description of the video.

In Brooks’ opinion, these technologies are a game changer, as they enable snipers to see their enemies clear as day even in complete darkness, allowing snipers to scope their targets solely via body heat.

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