Ukrainian soldier carries body of dead wife over two kilometers from battlefield

14 March, 05:49 PM
Tetiana Murka Fesenko with her husband (Photo:Facebook Вова Фес)

Tetiana Murka Fesenko with her husband (Photo:Facebook Вова Фес)

A tragic story of love and loss played out near Bakhmut, Donetsk Oblast as a young Ukrainian couple was torn apart.

Tetiana Fesenko, a soldier with the call sign “Murka”, was killed when an enemy shell hit her trench near Bakhmut on March 5. Her husband, a soldier named Volodomyr, was injured in the same battle.

Despite his injuries, he crawled over to his wife, picked up her body, and carried her 2.5 kilometers to the extraction point.

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The couple had met in 2014, shortly before Volodomyr volunteered to go to the front. They were married the next year, first living in Kyiv Oblast before moving to the capital. The couple had a daughter.

The 30-year-old Murka volunteered for a reconnaissance battalion in the first days of Russia’s brutal war on Ukraine.

"I lost my beautiful wife, the best wife in the world, and the mother of our daughter," Volodymyr wrote.

“She has become an angel who will watch over me and our daughter, and will always be close in our hearts. I will definitely meet you, my beloved Murochka.”

The tragic story has moved Ukrainians, with many posting their condolences and sorrows on social media.

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