Ukrainian troops reportedly destroy Russian military base in occupied Nova Kakhovka

28 August, 06:28 PM
A powerful explosion occurred in occupied Novaya Kakhovka (Photo:Hueviy Kherson / Telegram)

A powerful explosion occurred in occupied Novaya Kakhovka (Photo:Hueviy Kherson / Telegram)

The Ukrainian military reportedly destroyed a Russian military base in the occupied town of Nova Kakhovka on Aug. 28, local media report.

The Russian military base was located at the former Sokil instrument-making plant.

Ukraine’s General Staff has not yet officially confirmed the information.

At the same time, local residents posted photos and videos of the aftermath of the strike on social networks.

Photos from the town of Nova Kakhovka show a pillar of smoke rising above the area of the plant.

Video of day

The exact number of Russian casualties as a result of the strike is unknown, but eyewitnesses claim that the plant has been completely destroyed.

“In short, there is no Sokil plant anymore, that’s all. Everything inside was bombed out,” says an eyewitness in one of the videos.

Later, Kherson Regional Council member Serhiy Khlan confirmed there had been a Ukrainian strike on the plant.

“Although the propagandists report that their ‘air defense’ was clearly heard, the Rashists (Russian fascists) received another ‘pop’ from the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Nova Kakhovka,” he wrote on Facebook.

“Ours guys hit the headquarters that the orcs had set up at the Sokil plant.”

The Ukrainian military also said it had destroyed one of the largest Russian military bases in the town of Melitopol overnight on Aug. 28.

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