Ukrainians not prepared to forego EU and NATO membership in exchange for peace, survey shows

1 March, 12:18 AM
Flags of Ukraine and the European Union in Brussels, February 9 (Photo:REUTERS/Yves Herman)

Flags of Ukraine and the European Union in Brussels, February 9 (Photo:REUTERS/Yves Herman)

Ukrainian public opinion is firmly against foregoing joining the EU or NATO in exchange for an end to the war with Russia, according to the latest poll conducted by U.S. non-profit NGO National Democratic Institute (NDI). The survey was conducted in January 2023, with results published on Feb. 22.

NDI has conducted the third wave of its Opportunities and Challenges Facing Ukraine’s Democratic Transition survey since the Russian invasion. A new survey was conducted in the first half of January, field work was carried out by the Kyiv Institute of Sociology. Previous surveys were held in May and August 2022.

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49% of the respondents said that Ukraine's refusal to join NATO is a completely unacceptable price for peace, another 22% called such a price for peace somewhat unacceptable. 12% answered the arrangement is somewhat acceptable, and only 8% believe that it is completely acceptable.

Ukraine's hypothetical pivot away from joining the European Union is considered a completely unacceptable price for ending the war by even more respondents – 56%, somewhat unacceptable – another 19%. Only 10% of respondents consider the refusal to join the EU to be an acceptable price for peace, and 6% consider it completely acceptable.

According to a survey by Ukraine’s polling firm Rating, as of mid-January 2023, 86% of Ukrainians support Ukraine's accession to NATO, and 87% – to the EU.

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