Ukrainians rally on Kyiv’s central square to thank Western nations for aid – photo report

31 January 2022, 06:09 PM

More than 200 people rallied on Kyiv central square Maidan Nezalezhnosti on Jan. 30 to show their gratitude to the nations that have sent Ukraine weapons and other aid, with the country facing the threat of further aggression from Russia. 

 Participants set up up a banner on the Maidan with the inscription #ThanksFriends, and raised a number of flags representing the countries that have sent, or have promised to send, lethal military aid – the United Kingdom, the United States, Poland, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Canada, the Czech Republic and Turkey.

Video of day

Photo: DemSokyra/Facebook

The flag of Germany, which has promised to send a field hospital and 5,000 military helmets, was noticeably absent.

Indeed, the rally wasn’t all about gratitude and thankyous – speakers at the rally also criticized Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky for making “unacceptable statements” about Ukraine’s allies. The speakers were likely referring to criticisms the Zelensky administration has voiced over reports by the United States and other nations that Ukraine faces the “imminent threat” of further invasion by Russia.

The United States, one target of Zelensky’s criticism during a recent press conference, has sent Ukraine four shipments of weapons so far in the past week.

Photo: DemSokyra/Facebook

In total, since 2014, the United States has provided Ukraine with more than $5.4 billion in aid.

On Jan. 18, Ukraine received an aid shipment from the United Kingdom, which included light anti-tank weapons. The Netherlands, Poland and the Czech Republic have also said they are ready to provide Ukraine with military aid.

Photo: DemSokyra/Facebook

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba confirmed on Jan. 20 that U.S. President Joe Biden had approved the allocation of $200 million of additional aid for Ukrainian security.

The Baltic Defense Ministers the next day confirmed that the United States had allowed them to supply U.S. weapons to Ukraine, including Javelin anti-tank missile systems and Stinger air-defense missile systems.

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