US announces $400 million in military aid to Ukraine

23 November 2022, 07:39 PM
Joe Biden (Photo:NV)

Joe Biden (Photo:NV)

The United States will provide Ukraine with additional security assistance worth $400 million, including HARM anti-radar missiles, armored vehicles, and ammunition of various calibers, U.S. Department of Defense announced in a press release on Nov. 23.

The message provided the following breakdown of the aid package:

  • Missiles for NASAMS air defense systems;
  • 150 heavy machine guns with thermal imagery sights to counter UAVs;
  • Ammunition for HIMARS rocket artillery systems;
  • 200 precision-guided 155mm artillery rounds;
  • 10,000 120mm mortar rounds;
  • High-speed Anti-radiation missiles (HARMs);
  • 150 HMMWV armored vehicles;
  • Over 100 light tactical vehicles;
  • Over 20 million rounds of small arms ammunition;
  • Over 200 generators;
  • Spare parts for 105mm Howitzers and other equipment.

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On Nov. 18, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said the United States was working on increasing financial assistance to Ukraine.

On Nov. 15, U.S. President Joe Biden asked U.S. Congress to allocate a further $37 billion for Ukraine aid.

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