US Congress looks to approve $50 billion in Ukraine aid, NBC reports

20 October 2022, 11:07 PM
The new package, according to the Republican senator, will be enough

The new package, according to the Republican senator, will be enough "to make sure that Ukraine can survive the year" (Photo:REUTERS/Leah Millis)

U.S. lawmakers are considering voting to approve $50 billion in security and financial assistance to Ukraine – before the new Congress is seated in January 2023, NBC news reported on Oct. 20, citing congressional sources.

This would be the largest single tranche of U.S. aid to Ukraine to date, and is being considered amid concerns that the Republican party could curtail the scope of U.S. assistance to Kyiv, should it take control of either chamber of U.S. Congress in the upcoming midterm elections.

NBC noted the previous assistance package was approved in September, worth $12 billion. The proposed $50 billion would ensure “Ukraine survives the year,” according to an unnamed Republican senator.

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Sources in the Ukrainian government confirmed the $50 billion package is being discussed with Washington.

The U.S. Congress has so far approved $65 billion in Ukraine aid, since Russia’s full-scale invasion.

Congressional Republicans earlier signaled they would not “continue to give Ukraine a blank check,” if they win the midterm elections in November. In response, the White House said supporting Ukraine remains an issue with broad bipartisan support, suggesting that midterms are unlikely to change U.S. commitment to supporting Ukraine, whatever their outcome might be.

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