US does not confirm Russia’s destruction of HIMARS in Ukraine

5 January, 02:10 PM
According to the US, Russia has not been able to destroy any HIMARS system (Photo:Генштаб)

According to the US, Russia has not been able to destroy any HIMARS system (Photo:Генштаб)

The United States has no confirmation of Russian claims that it has destroyed HIMARS missile systems in Ukraine, U.S. national security spokesperson John Kirby has said.

“I’ve seen Russian claims that they hit a HIMARS system, and in response to this, we have no information to confirm that report,” Kirby said, quoted in a report by U.S. newspaper The Hill on Jan. 4.

He added that Russia had already published a number such reports of the destruction of HIMARS, suggesting that it was part of Kremlin dictator Vladimir Putin’s disinformation campaign, which describes Russia’s 10-month attack on Ukraine as a “defensive military operation.”

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“Let’s be, just, real crystal clear here. This is a war by Russia on Ukraine,” Kirby said. “And Mr. Putin can claim all he wants that this is some sort of fight against the West, it’s existential for his security, it’s the U.S. versus Russia, it’s NATO versus Russia — we all know that’s a bunch of B.S.,” Kirby continued.

The Russian Defense Ministry stated on Jan. 3 that missile and air strikes in eastern Ukraine “destroyed two launch pads for American-made HIMARS multiple-launch rocket systems.”

Kirby previously stated that the United States is preparing a new package of military aid for Ukraine, which may include additional HIMARS units.

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