US highly respects skill level of Ukrainian pilots, says Ukrainian Air Force

13 March, 03:30 PM
The level of Ukrainian pilots was highly rated in the US (Photo:Командування Повітряних Сил ЗСУ)

The level of Ukrainian pilots was highly rated in the US (Photo:Командування Повітряних Сил ЗСУ)

The skill level of Ukrainian pilots has been rated highly in the United States, Ukrainian Air Force Command spokesperson Yuriy Ihnat said on Ukrainian national television on March 13.

He said that a number of allied countries are ready to train Ukrainian pilots on Western aircraft — although questions remain over the type of combat platform.

“Then training can take place where there is such a weapon, an educational and training base.,” said Ihnat.” Our experience was studied in the United States, there is positive feedback: The Americans highly appreciate the skills level of our pilots who will be sent for training.”

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Ihnat noted that Ukraine only has Soviet-made warplanes, and in the United States they were assessing how quickly pilots could learn to fly Western aircraft.

“Based on this, conclusions are to be drawn as soon as possible as to how quickly training can be carried out,” added Ihnat.

Earlier, the mass media reported that two Ukrainian pilots are in Arizona for training on flight simulators and to improve their skills.

The Ukrainian Air Force has confirmed that two Ukrainian pilots have arrived in the United States, where they are being assessed by U.S. specialists to determine the level of their knowledge and flying skills.

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