Hungarian PM voices support for China's ‘peace plan’

28 February, 12:13 AM
Viktor Orban (Photo:REUTERS/Marton Monus)

Viktor Orban (Photo:REUTERS/Marton Monus)

Hungarian PM Viktor Orban said he supports the "peace plan" proposed by China regarding Russia's war against Ukraine, which doesn’t include the requirement for Moscow to withdraw its troops from Ukraine, Hungarian news outlet Telex reported on Feb. 27.

Orban claims that he was concerned how “the whole of Europe is slipping into the war, step by step.” He believes that as European countries are handing over tanks to Ukraine and discussing fighter jet transfers, there may be those who want to send troops to Ukraine.

"We also consider China's 'peace plan' important and we support it," Orban said.

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China released a 12-point position paper on Feb. 24, in which it calls for a political settlement to the conflict and called for a resumption of peace talks, an end to unilateral sanctions, and stressed its opposition to the use of nuclear weapons.

At the same time, nowhere in the paper does China condemn Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, or Russian war crimes.

U.S. President Joe Biden rejected China’s "peace plan", saying that it's only beneficial to Russia. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy considers it positive that Beijing started talking about Ukraine, but he didn’t agree with some points of the document.

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