Washington announces $350 million aid package for Ukraine

20 March, 10:34 PM
Missiles AGM-88 HARM (Photo:David.Monniaux / wikipedia.org)

Missiles AGM-88 HARM (Photo:David.Monniaux / wikipedia.org)

The United States has prepared a new $350 million military aid package for Ukraine, focused largely on additional munitions for previously supplied weapon systems, U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken announced on March 20.

The new tranche of U.S. assistance includes more ammunition for HIMARS Multiple Launch Rocket Systems, howitzers, and Bradley IFVs, along with more HARM anti-radar missiles, anti-tank weapons, and river boats.

The contents were described as follows, without disclosing specific items for each item:

●         HIMARS ammunition;

Video of day

●         155mm artillery shells;

●         25mm autocannon ammunition;

●         HARM anti-radar missiles;

●         81mm and 60mm mortar systems and shells;

●         AT-4 disposable anti-tank rocket launchers;

●         Grenade launchers, small arms, and ammunition for those;

●         Explosive munitions and means to overcome obstacles;

●         Minesweeping equipment;

●         Thermal visors, optics, and laser rangefinders;

●         River patrol boats;

●         Maintenance and machine repair equipment;

●         Spare parts and other field equipment.

This is the 34th military aid package the United States sent Ukraine since August 2021. On March 3, the previous $400 million package was announced, which included ammunition, tank bridges, demolition charges and other items.

On March 15, the 10th defense council meeting in the Ramstein format took place, where representatives of more than 50 countries discussed military assistance to Ukraine. Ukraine’s Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov said that the results of the meeting "inspire optimism."

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