‘We will not lag behind in strike UAVs’ – Ukraine AF confirms successful UAV strikes against Russia

26 April, 12:39 PM
Yuriy Ihnat (Photo:Screenshot of the video of Media Center Ukraine/Youtube)

Yuriy Ihnat (Photo:Screenshot of the video of Media Center Ukraine/Youtube)

Ukraine has not confirmed involvement in the April 24 maritime drone attack on Sevastopol, but Air Force Command spokesperson, Yuriy Ihnat, spoke about “examples of successful use of attack UAVs” with Ukraine’s Suspilne on April 25.

In his comments, Ihnat mentioned that neither he nor the Air Force "announced any 'cotton puff'".

"We have no information from official sources," he said.

“We have information from the Russian media, which started shouting feverishly that there was an attack by drones and they killed everyone. We are very cautious about commenting on such things that happen in Russia and in Ukrainian Crimea. Because silence is silence. It must be maintained in order not to harm the actions that are taking place today, including in the south of our country.”

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He noted that surface drones that move over the waves are not easy to detect and destroy.

He said that Ukraine is facing new types of weapons, including guided aerial bombs and drones, but "will not lag behind in [the use of] strike UAVs."

"Ukraine also has some examples of our successful use of attack UAVs," he stated.

The so-called "governor of Sevastopol" Mikhail Razvozhayev said that Russia’s Black Sea Fleet had allegedly successfully repelled a surface drone attack on the occupied city on April 24, though his comments were refuted by video posted on social media.

Worried about attacks by Ukrainian maritine drones, Russian occupation authorities have already installed at least six tiers of physical barriers at the entrance to Sevastopol Bay, said OSINT analyst H I Sutton.

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