What you need to leave Ukraine by car

7 February 2022, 11:10 PM

A number of Ukrainians and foreign visitors have been preparing for the worst, amid a potential further invasion of Ukraine by Russia. While the situation in the country has so far remained calm, there are those who prefer to have a plan.

NV has compiled a brief how-to guide on leaving Ukraine by car, if the need should arise.


Leaving Ukraine by car is not quite as simple as pulling up to the border with a passport - there are a number of documents that you have to have as well. For Ukrainians, they may also have to manage certain issues related to unpaid taxes and other debts.

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The driver of the vehicle will need to prove their ownership or authorization to use the vehicle in question, and said vehicle needs to match the following conditions:

·       Vehicles, properly registered in accordance with the Vienna Convention on Road Traffic

·       Vehicles bearing license plates with the letters of the Latin alphabet.

A temporary vehicle registration with the individual’s name may be requested, to be returned to an Interior Ministry’s service center within 10 days of returning to Ukraine.

You can check the papers needed to travel abroad on the website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.

For Ukrainian-registered vehicles, the car has to bear Ukraine’s insignia, and its owner must have both auto and travel insurance. This insurance can be purchased at authorized vendors, or, commonly, at the border itself.

If leaving Ukraine on a permanent basis, the vehicle must be properly struck from the government registration rolls.

Cars owned by Ukrainian citizens with personalized license plates, or those legally barred from losing their registration, are not allowed to leave the country.

Additionally, mandatory vehicle technical inspections are expected to make a comeback this year.

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