While you're talking, we're dying: Ukrainians in Warsaw lie on the ground in memory of civilian victims of Russia's war

26 March, 12:16 PM
More than 4000 Ukrainians took part in a rally in Warsaw on March 25 (Photo:Jerzy Dudek)

More than 4000 Ukrainians took part in a rally in Warsaw on March 25 (Photo:Jerzy Dudek)

More than 4,000 people took part in a rally in support of Ukraine by laying down on the main square in Warsaw on March 25.

The activists demanded that the West "stop promising, start acting!"  Ukrainians wanted to draw attention to the growing civilian casualties and the need to close the Ukrainian sky to Russian aircraft immediately.

The rally was held the same day U.S. President Joe Biden paid a two-day visit to Poland. 

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“According to the UN, from Feb. 24 to March 23, 2022, 1,035 civilians were killed by Russia's aggression against Ukraine, but in reality, these numbers are dramatically higher,” said Daria Kaleniuk, a Ukrainian top anti-corruption activist and organizer of the rally.

“While Western leaders are consulting, weighing, making promises, recording bright new speeches, Ukraine loses its best people every hour,” she added.

The purpose of the demonstration was to persuade the U.S. president to keep his word and provide Ukraine with all the necessary weapons Ukraine needs to protect its skies from Russian strikes: air defense systems, jets, and much more.

The activists also demanded further sanctions against Russia and a total EU oil and gas embargo of Russian fossil fuel products.

“After all, as long as Putin's war criminal wallet is full, he can afford this war, " Kaleniuk said.

In Mariupol alone, according to various sources, public utilities have buried 3,000 to 4,500 people in mass graves, but no one has been buried in the city for six days now, said Yaroslava Gres, co-author of the performance in Warsaw.

“There are dead people lying along the streets and in the playgrounds, in the squares and near the houses from which they didn't have time to escape,” Gres added.

“It's very difficult for peaceful Europe to realize the scale of Ukraine's grief. So we asked the protesters to lie on the ground and remember everyone who died. And this sea of ​​people, which represents the victims, is a very tragic and telling visual image."

Before Warsaw, the rally "Stop promising, start acting!" took place in Brussels. It will be repeated in other cities in Europe and the United States, with increased participation, as the number of victims of Russia's war against Ukraine grows.

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