Who can be called up for socially useful activities, civil protection?

27 October 2022, 02:07 PM
Targeted mobilization may be used to eliminate the consequences of hostilities (Photo:Pixabay.com)

Targeted mobilization may be used to eliminate the consequences of hostilities (Photo:Pixabay.com)

In Ukraine, targeted mobilization may be used to eliminate the consequences of hostilities. NV looks into what targeted mobilization is, and how it differs from community service and alternative service.

For the first time, the notion of targeted mobilization was specified in the Civil Protection Code of 2012. Targeted mobilization can be carried out in order to eliminate state-level man-made or natural emergencies and their consequences.

All measures for targeted mobilization and financial and organizational issues are resolved according to a plan drawn up in accordance with the Law on Mobilization.

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Therefore, to implement targeted mobilization, a separate document is created: a plan that provides all the features and procedures of targeted mobilization.

According to Law No. 2132-IX, adopted by the Verkhovna Rada in March 2022, targeted mobilization can also be carried out during martial law.

In May, a clause on the elimination of the consequences of military actions by targeted mobilization was added to the Regulation on the Unified State System of Civil Protection.

According to it, the purpose of targeted mobilization is as follows:

  • to eliminate the consequences of military operations and emergencies;
  • to eliminate the consequences of hostilities in those settlements and territories that have been affected by weapons of destruction;
  • restore the infrastructure critical for the sustenance of the population;
  • identify settlements and territories that require humanitarian demining, mark dangerous areas.

In addition, the changes provide for the involvement of volunteers and international assistance to eliminate hostilities. In particular, volunteers are invited to identify people in need of assistance.

Targeted mobilization – who is called up

The targeted protection forces include:

  • operational and rescue service of civil protection;
  • emergency rescue services;
  • civil protection formations;
  • specialized civil protection services; fire and rescue units;
  • voluntary civil protection units.

In order to carry out targeted mobilization, it is necessary to indicate in the plan the age and health status of the persons to be mobilized, but there are basic requirements – such persons must be from 18 years of age, and their state of health must be adequate to perform work to eliminate the consequences of military hostilities.

The plan of targeted mobilization must be approved by the Cabinet of Ministers, but it has yet to be drawn up. At this stage, therefore, targeted mobilization is not possible.

Voluntary formation of civil protection

However, Voluntary Civil Defense Formations may be involved in the work, and these can include citizens of Ukraine who have reached the age of 18 and are able to perform their duties according to their abilities and health.

Voluntary civil protection formations are arranged at the decision of the central executive body, local state administration, and local self-government body under the laws on targeted mobilization.

Socially useful activities

According to Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 716 of June 21, 2022, able-bodied persons, including persons not subject to conscription for military service, who in terms of their age and health condition can work under martial law, may be employed to work in socially useful activities.

The military-political leadership can attract such people to work in these activities. An employment contract is concluded with them, they receive a certain monetary compensation and retain their regular job.

Who is called for community service

  • registered unemployed people and other unemployed persons, including IDPs;
  • employees of enterprises functioning under martial law (in agreement with their managers), who are not involved in the implementation of mobilization tasks (orders) and are not enrolled in the civil protection units
  • persons engaged in private farming;
  • students of universities, pupils and students of vocational schools;
  • persons who are self-employed.

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