Why Ukraine should end war by political or physical assassination of Putin – political scientist

12 February, 02:46 PM
Russian dictator Vladimir Putin (Photo:Sputnik/Grigory Sysoev/Pool via REUTERS)

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin (Photo:Sputnik/Grigory Sysoev/Pool via REUTERS)

Russia should be made not only a small state again, but also a weak one – only then will it stop threatening others, Ukrainian political scientist Mykola Davydiuk said in an interview with Radio NV on Feb. 12.

Ukraine will end the war with either political or physical assassination of Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, Davydiuk said. Here is more of what he told told Radio NV:

The time of empires, the age of empires is over. Russia has survived. The fact that it stumbled over Ukraine shows that this (flow of) time will accelerate.

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Ukraine will end this war either with the political assassination of Putin, or with his physical assassination as a human being. And it will definitely happen. Because (otherwise) the war will not end, Putin’s convulsion allows him to give orders. The elites accepted a simple thing. Why don’t we believe in elites’ rebellion or murder? The elites say: “And what depends on us?” And it doesn’t matter whether they are London-based elites-oligarchs or Moscow plutocrat officials who say that nothing depends on them.

And they are angry at two political entities. The first is Ukraine: “Why didn’t you, bastards, give up?” The second is the West: “Why are you helping them? We would quickly conquer them, kill them, shoot them. You would say that we are bad, and we would give you a discount on gas.”

I spoke with a foreign journalist who came from Moscow (a few days ago). He was doing a story for a UK publication. He said that there is anger (in Russia) with Ukraine because “you did not give up and because of you we are humiliated.” This is the kind of doubly degraded fascism, when “because we didn't kill you, we are angry with you, you are bad.”

But it is a brain disease, when the people who run the country there think like that. They have no remorse for the murders in Bucha, Kherson, and Mariupol. They do not understand that these are uncivilized methods of fighting. They are angry that they could not kill us in two or three days, that the whole world spits on them as the last scum.

In order for Russia to change its mind, it must lose. Each country’s reflection after a loss results in the country changing for the better if it works on that reflection. Or it simply disintegrates, disappears. There are countries that have disappeared.

Russians say that empires cannot disappear. Where is the British Empire, why is India independent today? Why do we see Pakistan, Hong Kong? The Russians say that a nuclear state cannot lose, but the (United) States lost in Vietnam being a nuclear (state). Russia lost in Afghanistan, being a nuclear (state).

We must teach the world not to “make Russia small”. Russia, even being large, was moderately safe. Let me remind you that (first Russian President Boris) Yeltsin, when he was going to the elections and he was also quick to blame, he attacked Russia itself. He attacked Chechnya. However, the first time he failed to win, he had to retreat and attack again. But when Russia is weak, it attacks itself. When Russia is strong, it attacks its neighbors. It is necessary to make Russia weak.

Therefore, in addition to making Russia small again, it also needs to be made weak again. And be left in this state. There are several tools here. The first is the dismantling of the regime. Super sanctions that will crush it (are needed), but so far there are none, 10 packages did not do it. Next is the demolition of the dictator by physical means. And the fourth is its collapse, separatism.

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