Widows of dead soldiers from Kremlin’s sham republics only get fur coats as compensation

7 February, 04:00 PM
Wives of

Wives of "L/DNR" terrorists have to make do with small ones (Photo:t.me/operativnoZSU)

Unlike their "luckier" counterparts in Russia, who get a Lada car if their soldier husbands are killed in Ukraine, people from the Kremlin’s fake republics in Donetsk and Luhansk have to be content with a lot less.

Kremlin propagandists have posted on Telegram photos of widows of dead soldiers from the sham republics who were given fur coats as compensation for the loss of their husbands.

Telegram users supposed that these "generous gifts" were highly likely stolen somewhere in the temporarily occupied Ukrainian areas, as is the practice of Russian looters.

Video of day

However miserable this “compensation” may seem, some people in Russia's remote districts are sometimes even less fortunate.

In particular, frozen fish was handed out on Sakhalin in the Russian far east as a compensation for the eliminated mobilized soldiers.

In Tuva in Southern Siberia, where the current Defence Minister of Russia, Sergey Shoigu, was born, sheep carcasses and even wood are given as compensation for relatives killed in the war in Ukraine.

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