Zaporizhzhia authorities say invaders in occupied territories imposing new rules on residents

6 May, 02:00 PM
Invading Russian troops (Photo:REUTERS/Olexander Ermochenko)

Invading Russian troops (Photo:REUTERS/Olexander Ermochenko)

Invading Russian troops in occupied areas of Zaporizhzhia Oblast are forcing entrepreneurs to re-register and are trying to get hold of residents’ local SIM cards so as to be able to call home to Russia, Zaporizhzhia Regional Military Administration has reported on Telegram.

In the occupied territories of the oblast, the Russian military continues to steal products from agricultural enterprise, the regional administration said. At the same time, the occupiers are carrying out sham humanitarian activities, distributing food and medicine to people for show. 

The authorities also claim that the Russians want to seize people's land in Chernihivka. They are forcing residents to fill out a form by May 8 listing their own and leased land. Only after that do the Russians promise to issue a permit for land cultivation. If the land is not registered, the commandant will confiscate everything not specified in the “documents.” 

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In Mykhailivka, the occupiers are introducing their own temporary tax system for entrepreneurs. To be able to work, locals must register according to Russian legislation. At the same time, the invaders claim entrepreneurs will pay all new taxes only to their local community. 

Residents of occupied Vasylivka say the Russian troops are trying to exchange Ukrainian SIM cards for petrol at a low price of 15 hryvnias ($0.51) per liter. In Dniprorudne, according to the regional administration, two SIM cards are exchanged for a car at once. This is because the occupiers want to be able to call each other and home, but do not have phones and means of communication. 

Besides, the thermal power plant in Enerhodar has run out of coal, and it is impossible to supply it regularly due to the occupation of the city, hostilities, and destroyed infrastructure. However, the authorities stressed that the shutdown of the TPP will not affect the life of the city, as electricity, heat, and hot water supply will be provided by the Zaporizhzhia NPP instead. 

Also in Enerhodar, the occupiers completed the registration of citizens for allegedly receiving social benefits, and on May 5 began the registration of entrepreneurs. If they refuse to pass it, they will not be able to work.

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