Zelenskyy and ‘spirit of Ukraine’ TIME’s persons of the year

7 December 2022, 05:06 PM
TIME cover (Photo:TIME)

TIME cover (Photo:TIME)

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and the “spirit of Ukraine” are the persons of the year 2022, according to Time magazine.

In particular, the publication points to Zelenskyy’s visit to liberated Kherson.

“Why give them a chance to strike?” Time’s article reads, referring to the fact that the city still remains in range of Russian artillery.

Photo: TIME

“The obvious reason had to do with the information war, which had become Zelenskyy’s specialty. By rolling into the city that Vladimir Putin still claimed as his own, the leader of Ukraine would blow a hole through the stories of conquest and imperial glory that Russian propagandists had been using for months to justify the war.”

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The article also noted that Zelenskyy named people as the reason for his visit to Kherson.

For most of this year, Zelenskyy lived separately from his wife and two children, the article added.

“The main reason is security; his presence would put them at greater risk,” the article reads.

“But he also feels it would be wrong to resume their domestic habits while so many Ukrainian families remain separated by the war,” it goes on.

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