€18 billion from the EU, joint RU/BY aviation exercises, 95% confidence in victory

17 January, 02:40 PM

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Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal noted that Ukraine expects to receive the first tranche of EUR 3 billion this week. “This will help maintain macroeconomic stability going forward,” he said.

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His action allegedly caused ammunition to detonate, ultimately killing at least three Russian conscripts and injuring a further 10. According to Baza, the explosion occurred in the building of the village hall. According to early reports, the soldier picked up the grenade initially "to win authority in the eyes of subordinates”.

The official is believed to have been working on a request from the Russian authorities, who claimed the children needed to be sent to Moscow for a “family reunion.” However, this transfer was done without the consent of the Ukrainian government, and the consent of the children was also not recorded. The official has been suspending pending an investigation.

Minsk claims that the goal of the maneuvers is to increase interoperability during the joint execution of training and combat missions. During the exercises, Russian and Belarusian aviation plans to practice aerial reconnaissance, joint patrolling of airspace along the border, and aviation support of military groups. The Ukrainian military does not believe that these exercises pose an immediate threat to the capital.

IAEA director Rafael Grossi said he is proud to head this mission to Ukraine, that will be deployed "in all of the country’s NPPs to provide assistance in nuclear safety and security.” This expanded presence will be in addition to the IAEA presence already in the country, including a monitor stationed at the occupied Zaporizhzhya Nuclear Power Plant.

A rescue operation is underway, Turkish news agency Anadolu reported. No casualties or pollution is said to have occurred as a result of the accident. The vessel was en route from Ukraine to Istanbul under the flag of Palau, and is believed to have run aground due to a failure of the vessel’s rudder.

That’s according to a new poll conducted by the Kyiv International Institute of Sociology. Additionally, almost 50% of respondents are sure that the end of hostilities will take place within six months to a year. More than 13% of respondents say that it will take several months.

According to NABU, in his electronic income declaration for 2020, the legislator omitted information about a two-story duplex apartment and a parking space in the province of Alicante, Spain for EUR 190,000 (approximately $252,700 at the 2013 time of purchase). SAPO, in turn, reported that the lawmaker had failed to declare almost UAH 6.3 million in total assets (about $773,000 at the average 2013 exchange rate, or $172,279 on Jan. 16, 2023) in total. His whereabouts are currently unknown.

According to the Ukrainian military, Ukrainian forces in and around the town are trying to bleed the enemy dry, as well as preventing a breakthrough of Ukrainian defense lines. Russian forces continue to insist that the town is captured, though footage of Ukrainian defenders in the area continues to appear on social media.

Former Foreign Minister Volodymyr Ohryzko lays out the six biggest misconceptions Western policymakers still hold about the Russian state, and warns against building policy mired in illusion.

Oleksiy Melnyk, director of foreign policy at the Razumkov Center, writes about the outlines of what a true victory would look like for Ukraine, and notes the possible conflicts that may occur between the Western and Ukrainian conceptions of peace.

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