A Tricky Game for the Kremlin? Now it is Clear what Putin is Doing — opinion

16 May, 02:20 PM
Putin (Photo:Getty Images)

Putin (Photo:Getty Images)

On May 10, the President of the Russian Federation made a decree that called on citizens in the military reserve to appear for training in 2023.

The Russians are starting a new wave of mobilization, though it is now being hidden under the guise of simply calling up reservists for training. This is Putin's belated holiday greeting to Russians for May 9. At the same time, two points of this decree are still secret. For what reason? This training may be held in the occupied territories of Ukraine.

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But what humanism by the Russian authorities! Simultaneously with the pseudo-mobilization decree, direct air traffic with Georgia is opening back up after a three-year interruption. This is probably for the Russian citizens who would rather go to Georgia as a tourist than to a military training camp. And Georgians are offered to come to work in Russia. It is necessary to replenish the labor shortage in Russia, which arose due to the war and the mass flight of Russians abroad. For this purpose, they are creating a visa-free regime with Georgia. This is in the absence of diplomatic relations between Russia and Georgia. Such are the paradoxes of Russian-Georgian relations.

One decree kills two birds with one stone

But what a tricky game for the Kremlin! One decree kills two birds with one stone. On the one hand, Russian emigration to Georgia will increase dramatically. I wonder how many agents of the FSB and GRU will be among the "war refugees" who went to Georgia. At the same time, they want to attract Georgian citizens to Russia. Here is the improvement of the demographic balance in Russia and the political adjustment of the demographic balance in Georgia. But this is only if Georgians agree to accept such a gift from Moscow.

Regarding improving Russia’s demographic, the motivation behind Putin urgently summoning the presidents of the Central Asian states to Moscow becomes clear. Parade after parade, but someone has to get up to operate the machine, and Russian women must give birth. Russian men are sent to war by Putin, and their deficit must be filled by wage earners from the Central Asian countries.

You are laughing, but statistics show that the flow of migrants from Central Asia to Russia is increasing. But more is needed. This is probably what Putin discussed with his colleagues from the Central Asian countries. State Duma deputies are already proposing mobilizing Central Asians, with or without Russian passports. After all, how are migrant workers worse than Prigozhin's prisoners? If it is possible, despite the law, to take Russian convicts to the war against Ukraine, then you can also recruit immigrants from Central Asia.

Stalin made heavy use of deportations to relocate many peoples of the USSR, and now we are witnessing the beginning of Putin's resettlement of nations. I wonder how many Russians will remain in Russia as a result.

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