A turning point in the war of Putin's Russia against Ukraine and the civilized world

8 July, 03:54 PM

Putin not only kills people and destroys the infrastructure of Ukraine. He has also destroyed the population of Russia under his control. And not only physically - in burnt Russian armored vehicles and trenches, sunken ships and downed planes and helicopters. 

Putin not only kills people and destroys the infrastructure of Ukraine. He has also destroyed the population of Russia under his control.

And not only physically - in burnt Russian armored vehicles and trenches, sunken ships and downed planes and helicopters.

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He has morally crushed his own people. With the power of massive propaganda and the idea of "expanding living space" (doesn't that remind you of anything?) beyond the borders of the Russian Federation, using the strategy of destroying Ukraine and legalizing the right to kill Ukrainians.

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However, many will note that the Russian leader only realized the dreams of the Russian population that supports him. And he gave the command "bite" to the brute forces that have long sought to erase Ukraine from the world map and commit another genocide against the Ukrainian people.

Both options are a sentence for the current Russians - those who support Russia's invasion of Ukraine. I hope that there are others in Russia. Who understand everything, do not support Putin, but do it quietly and imperceptibly for others? To avoid being interrogated by the FSB.

The history of Russia's war in Ukraine is a sentence that Russians will atone for hundreds of years. Because such crimes do not go unnoticed.

After all, Putin is not one killing Ukrainians. He turned the Russians who support him into murderers and destroyers. Instead of concentrating the energy of the population under his control on creating some signs of civilization in the regions of his own Russia forgotten by God and the FSB "patriarch" Kirill-Gundyaev. Those that are distant from the Moscow ring road.


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Where they have never heard of sewage, paved roads or the Internet. Instead, in Russia, the ideology of war against Ukraine, the destruction of what was built by Ukrainians, the destruction of infrastructure, the killing of people, total "victoryism" in the name of Russia, which is "rising from the knees", won. Although this rise is exclusively in the pictures of Putin's media killers, who created their own anti-reality. In reality, Russia is sinking into a quagmire of sanctions, loss of energy and weapons markets, and rejection and disgust around the world.

Now this "living space" that Russia is gnawing away literally meter by meter in Ukraine, demolishing the cities of Popasna, Rubizhne, Severodonetsk, Lysychansk, shooting Slovyansk and Kramatorsk, the occupiers are turning into a fire, a ruin and a mass grave for the local population. Part of which, what a sin to hide, invited Putin to their house. But this destruction of civilization must be stopped. How to stop the anti-civilization, the main task of which is the destruction and killing of people? I think this turning point has already arrived.

The Ukrainian people and their armed forces have played the time for the entire civilization of people. They gave time and enough information in order to understand the level of the disaster, to regroup and significantly increase the forces capable of countering the aggressor. To expand the Alliance, which was de facto joined by the once neutral Sweden and Finland. And to bring the force of NATO closer, at arm's length not only to Russia, but also to its capital, with Putin's underground bunker. The world got time to significantly increase defense orders and launch the production of weapons and modern equipment. Which was considered as a vestige of the "cold war" and a waste of money. Conveyors producing long-range and high-precision weapons are back at full power.

Civilization emerged from the lethargic sleep of solid pacifism.

With the understanding that it must defend itself, and not crawl in front of the newest Russian Fuhrer, who started the flywheel of modern war.

Finally, heavy weapons are also coming for the Ukrainian army. Not yet on the scale required by this war for the victory of civilization over the horde of destroyers. But they are coming. The Ukrainian military is working with long-range artillery and MLRS, including the well-known "HIMARS", against the enemy, burning its warehouses with ammunition and fuel. What significantly weakens and bleeds the offensive capabilities of Putin's army.

The next stage should be changes in the system of decision-making in worldwide and Atlantic structures. Reorganization of the UN Security Council, in which the country-occupant still has the right of "veto". Which leads to the paralysis of this institution. Within alliances and unions, democracy is also moving towards the approval of new, effective regulations. To making decisions by majority vote. Instead of touching, but dangerous in the conditions of war, unanimity, which can become a blocking tool in the hands of forces charged with destruction.

The world has changed. He did not become tougher. He became more realistic about the key issues of life and death. War and peace. And Ukraine is at the forefront of this new world.

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