Appeal to free citizens of the world, USA and EU from Ukraine

8 March, 01:30 PM
Ukrainians pictured during the evacuation from Irpin (Photo:REUTERS/Carlos Barria)

Ukrainians pictured during the evacuation from Irpin (Photo:REUTERS/Carlos Barria)

US President Joe Biden once called Putin a killer. Then many people took it as a figure of speech. Now the whole world has clearly seen - Putin is a bloody butcher who burst into a peaceful, threatening country with a huge axe and kills everyone in his path - children, old people, women, men. 

 Pregnant and sick, Russian-speaking and Ukrainian-speaking, Orthodox and Catholics, Muslims and Jews. His ballistic and cruise missiles, which are wiping residential areas of Ukrainian cities into piles of rubble, do not choose a target. He hits hospitals and kindergartens, schools and residential high-rise buildings. The world "overslept" the birth of Nazi Russia, its formation.

Видео дня

Modernization of the army with clearly offensive features. But most importantly, the world overslept the transformation of Putin's ideology, with which he rammed the consciousness of his own citizens for years, into a new version of the Nazi doctrine.

With the help of which the Russians were brought to the ability to destroy peaceful cities and the people living in them. After all, it is Putin's pilots who are bombing peaceful neighborhoods with cluster and 500-kg bombs. These are Putin's rocket men aiming their cruise missiles at peaceful targets.

They even came up with an excuse for themselves - they do not see the eyes of children who are killed and maimed, tearing off their arms and legs with shrapnel and a blast wave. The excuse is weak. They see on their tablets where they aim their deadly "gifts" to the Ukrainian people.

It is Putin’s infantry machine gunning civilians in Ukraine who are trying to get out of the bombardment of Russian aircraft and their own burning houses - a real hell into which Putin, his army, politicians, and most of Russian society are turning a peaceful and prosperous Ukraine before the invasion. Yes, it was this path to development and prosperity that crushed the Putin regime with envy and malice.

They could not allow a strong, free, prosperous country to emerge next to their huge concentration camp without basic freedoms in the form of fair elections, political competition, freedom of speech.

That is why Putin is now destroying Ukrainian infrastructure - power plants, heating mains, hospitals, roads and bridges built according to European standards, water utilities, communication centers, television towers.

He wants to plunge the population of our country - those whom he does not kill with rockets, into the horror of the wild Middle Ages. For people to survive without the elementary: medicine, sanitation, electricity, access to water and food. Without the ability to move around the country. To show his own people - you see, there are still places on the planet where people live worse than you.

Perhaps I will surprise you, but Putin is not only a psychopath, but also a pathological coward. He destroys the civilian population, because his “one of the strongest armies in the world” cannot withstand a direct clash with the army of Ukraine. Putin has already flooded our country with the wreckage of burnt armored vehicles, which he continues to send to Ukraine with maniacal persistence, turning his own military into charred mincemeat.

Ukrainians no longer pay attention to the "interviews" of Russian military pilots flying to bomb Ukrainian cities and ending their flights in captivity. There are many of them, and they are of the same type. Against the backdrop of cities burning from their bombs, they say that the bombs were not thrown.

Exactly in the style of Putin's propaganda - to say that black is white . 

Putin is ready to send to death both "elite" units such as Kadyrov's infantry, and recruits who have barely completed the "course of a young fighter." In the "best" imperial tradition, Putin calls the massacre he organized in Europe "fulfillment of duty to the fatherland." When the word “duty” is spoken in the Kremlin, expect war, assassinations and attempts to seize foreign territories. In Afghanistan, let me remind you, the troops of the Soviet empire lost less than 15,000 of their soldiers killed. For 10 years of war. In Ukraine, Putin has already laid down more than 12,000 of his troops. For 13 days.

However, the heroism of the Ukrainian army should not be the reason for the cynical contemplation of the war. The resources of Ukraine are incomparable with the resources of the aggressor.

The people of the world, and especially of Europe, must understand that you will be next. Putin and his entourage have a peculiarity - before committing a large-scale crime, they announce their plans. You, citizens of the EU and NATO countries, have been warned by the Kremlin killer and formulated an ultimatum: roll back NATO to the 1997 borders. This means that Poland, and the Baltic countries, and the Bulgarians, and Romanians (13 countries in total) will have to disarm and carefully listen to the following orders from the Kremlin. Do not hesitate - you will receive these orders and ultimatums regularly. The governments formed in Moscow will be imposed on you, blackmailed with nuclear weapons and gas prices. In a word, to restore the outer security belt of the Russian Empire. Return under the control of Putin and his current "politburo". You will even be ordered to cut into metal the fighters that you now do not want to hand over to the fighting Ukrainians.

Don't  you believe? Listen to what one of the designers of the war in eastern Ukraine, one of the ideologists of the Putin regime, Vladislav Surkov, says: Russia will expand. Whether you want it or not.

Such is the nature of this country. Its diffusion. I would like to look into the face of a Western politician who will give you a guarantee that Russia will expand into Ukraine and stop. That is, it will completely change its inner nature. No, sir, this is not the case. A cruel, but inherently weak predator does not change its instincts. You all need to learn not to be afraid of the jackal and, if possible, put a bullet in his forehead.

Of course, if you don't want your children to be bombed by Putin's vultures. And now is the time to become shoulder to shoulder with the Ukrainians. Help us to close the sky. This can be done in several ways. Including the provision of  fighters and air defense systems, anti-aircraft missiles and an increase in the supply of MANPADS. Dear citizens of the USA and EU countries!

Your governments seem to be in a state of stupor as they watch the Ukrainian army turn Putin's vaunted army into heaps of mangled metal. Yes, such a picture, of course, can distract from decisive action. But you do understand that any resistance has a tensile strength. And Putin understands this, sending more and more waves of his orcs to Ukraine.

You are the people of a free world where governments and politicians do your will. Formulate it. Aid to Ukraine is not only emotional speeches. These are specific requirements for your governments. The most important for today is assistance in closing the sky and providing Ukraine with fighters and missile systems.

And try, please, to avoid self-deception. Do not think that Putin has not yet come to your home. He already did it. Yes, Ukraine has not formally joined the EU and NATO. But she became a free country. Escaped from the darkness of Putin's Mordor. And Putin went to war not only in Ukraine. Borders in this sense do not matter.

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