Auchan supplying to Russian army, German spy caught, Orban invited to Kyiv

20 February, 03:43 PM

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After the meeting, Zelenskyy said that they discussed the deepening of bilateral cooperation in various areas and Israel's participation in the post-war reconstruction of Ukraine. The president called on Israel to join the implementation of the Ukrainian peace formula and thanked for the humanitarian assistance the country continues to provide.

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According to a joint investigation by The Insider, Le Monde, and Bellingcat, the supplies to the military were positioned as "humanitarian aid" and consisted of both goods from Auchan's warehouses and goods collected by volunteers at Auchan stores in various Russian regions. In some regions, deliveries were organized in direct cooperation with local authorities.

Der Spiegel writes that last fall, the FSB tried to obtain data on the location of Ukrainian artillery and air defense through an employee of Germany’s Federal Intelligence Service, named as Carsten L., who was later arrested. According to the investigation, the BND officer was supposed to provide the FSB with GPS data for the HIMARS rocket systems, provided by Washington, and the IRIS-T air defense system, supplied by Berlin.

The IMF mission, led by Gavin Gray in Warsaw, assessed how Ukraine fulfills its obligations under the monitoring program. “The IMF staff and the Ukrainian authorities have reached staff-level agreement on the review of the Program Monitoring with Board Involvement (PMB),” says the report.

Orban was rumored to have avoided Zelenskyy during a recent EU summit, though deputy chief-of-staff Ihor Zhovkva stated that there was indeed a meeting between the two leaders. “Indeed, the Hungarian Prime Minister was the first to approach the President of Ukraine and shake his hand,” Zhovkva said.

Before the premiere of the documentary, Penn thanked the Ukrainian people for their support as they bravely fight for their freedom. He also mentioned that he had returned from Ukraine just a few days before the premiere, which was his sixth trip to the war-torn country, and added that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy had already seen his film — for him, the premiere took place earlier in the week.

The report also mentioned that the scope of the inspection of the Austrian lender, which plays a crucial role in the Russian economy, has also been broadened. As the agency noted in response to the journalists’ questions, the bank said it has received a request from the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) in January to “clarify the payment business and related processes supported by the RBI, in light of recent developments, connected with Russia and Ukraine.”

"When we are facing a full-scale aggressive war, there is only one answer," Støre said. “We intend to support it with EUR 7.5 billion over the next five years. In military terms, through economic and humanitarian aid. This is our response.”

Nykonorov, who had been heading the Regional Gas Company (RGC) since October 2017, wrote that he has resigned from his position. "Yesterday (Feb. 17, 2022 - NV Business) was my last day as the head of RGC," Nykonorov wrote, without giving any reasons or details about his decision to resign. RGC's press service also declined to comment.

Barely 50 tanks would have been be sent to Ukraine by the beginning of April, giving cause for concern as this will not be enough to make any significant effect on the front line. About 320 modern western tanks have been promised to Kyiv by Ukraine’s partner nations, the Sunday Times wrote.

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Everyone in Ukraine should consider the possibility they will join the army, says Anna Kazhan, a soldier of the 47th Separate Mechanized Brigade "Mahura". Talking to NV, she recalls how and why she decided to join the army. Before the outbreak of full-scale war in Ukraine, she was studying bats and researching bats, which is how her nickname came about. In her hometown of Kharkiv, she was also actively involved in LGBT activism and co-organizing KharkivPride.

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