Biggest drone strike wave of the year, deadly attacks across Kherson, mysterious Kremlin explosion

4 May, 03:25 PM

Your slice of the headlines in Ukraine. Daily. Wednesday, May 3, 2023.

●      Russia launches largest attack on Ukraine this year, but no significant damage
Russia launched its largest attack on Ukraine this year in the early hours on May 4, resulting in loud explosions being heard in Kyiv and other cities, but no significant damage, Ukraine’s military has reported.

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●      EU Commission caves – bans import of four types of Ukrainian agricultural products to five countries
The European Commission has suspended imports of four types of Ukrainian agricultural products to five EU countries, according to a May 2 press release.

●      Kremlin’s propaganda machine preparing Russians for Ukraine's counteroffensive
The Kremlin has drafted guidelines for how pro-government news outlets in Russia should report on Ukraine’s anticipated counteroffensive, Russian opposition outlet Meduza reported on May 3, referencing a copy of the document.

●      One dead and six injured in Russian strike on Kherson railway station, 2nd deadly attack in Kherson today
At least one person was killed and another six were injured after invading Russian forces attacked the railway station in Kherson on the afternoon of May 3, regional governor Oleksandr Prokudin said in a Telegram post.

●      UK lawyer sues Wagner, aiming to win billions for Ukrainians
Jason McCue, a British lawyer with extensive experience defending victims of terrorists, explains how class actions by Ukrainians can compensate for the damage from Russian aggression better than international reparations commissions and what he is doing personally to achieve this.

●      Russia under attack – multiple drone attacks inside Russia, including massive oil fire near Crimean Bridge
Multiple explosions were reported in at least three Russian oblasts on May 3, raising the question of whether Ukraine’s long-awaited counteroffensive had begun.

●      Kyiv irked by Western reluctance to invite Ukraine to join NATO
The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry has criticized a recent report by German media that suggests the United States and Germany are not yet committed to supporting Ukraine’s NATO membership. Spokesperson for the ministry, Oleh Nikolenko, says that such articles frequently rely on anonymous sources that cannot be verified.

●      Ukraine denies its behind Kremlin drone attack, accuses Russia of escalation before May 9
Ukraine did not attack the Kremlin or any other facilities on the territory of the aggressor state, Presidential Office advisor Mykhailo Podolyak told NV on May 2, following reports from Moscow of a possible drone attack on the Kremlin.

●      Moscow’s fears of Ukraine’s counteroffensive will lead to mistakes – military expert
The Kremlin fears the Ukrainian counteroffensive and will therefore make mistakes, Center for Military Legal Studies head Oleksandr Musiienko told Radio NV on May 1.

●      Key drivers behind Russia’s ability to fight despite sanctions
After 14 months of the war, Moscow has lost between 10,000 and 22,000 units of military equipment, and shortages of five critical imported components have slowed down the work of its military-industrial complex. However, Russia still has significant stockpiles of Soviet-era equipment, so now it is trying to force Ukraine and the world into a war of attrition.

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