Dugin’s daughter dies in car bomb, Usyk still world champ, and Zelenskyy warns of Russian strikes on Independence day

22 August, 03:45 PM

This newsletter was compiled by Romeo Kokriatski, Managing Editor of the New Voice of Ukraine, August 22, 2022.

Should Moscow be allowed to continue with its threats of nuclear terrorism at Zaporizhzhya Nuclear Power Plant (ZNPP), this summer could be catastrophic for Europe, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has said. According to the president, Ukraine’s diplomats, its foreign partners, the United Nations and the International Atomic Energy Agency are working on a joint monitoring mission that could stabilize the situation at ZNPP.

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In a hard-fought bout, Usyk defended his World Boxing Association, World Boxing Organization, International Boxing Federation, and International Boxing Organization heavyweight titles. The two heavyweights were closely matched, which was reflected in a split judges’ decision, who awarded the ultimate victory to Usyk on points: 113–115, 115–113, and 116–112.

The blast may have bent meant for her father, as the car was registered to him. He arrived a few moments later on the scene, according to reports. Both Dugins had advocated for fascist ideology in Russia, and the daughter herself has appeared numerous time on Russian national television to smear Ukrainians as “subhuman” and call for their “extermination.” Russian propagandists have blamed Ukraine for the blast, though Ukraine has denied all involvement. Ukrainian attacks on Russia have been limited to border regions - not Moscow.

The shelling occurred in the town of Voznesensk, striking a five-story apartment building, as well as nearby residential homes. “All children are in serious condition. Their age is between three to 17 years old,” said regional governor Vitaly Kim. He added that one girl, hospitalized as result of the blast, had her eye torn our by a piece of debris.

Reznikov wrote on Facebook that the defense forces of Ukraine had received “qualitatively new opportunities” thanks to the satellite. It “will allow our army to move up several levels,” Reznikov added. He stressed the satellite, which could “see” at night and through clouds, would work around the clock for the benefit of Ukraine, while the Ukrainian army would start receiving data that was not available to it before. “Our military and intelligence did not hide their joy. Every HIMARS, M270 or MARS II, as well as each gun or self-propelled gun with high-precision shells will be able soon to destroy the enemy more effectively,” the Minister stated.

The perpetrators tried to enter the Gramsh plant in central Albania, which currently provides manufacturing services for the defense industry. According to the Albanian Defense Ministry, two of its soldiers were injured during the incident. One of the arrested, identified only as Russian national M.Z., 24 years old, entered the plant’s territory and was trying to take photos. Two others, a Russian woman identified as S.T., 33, and a Ukrainian man F.A., 25, were also arrested in the vicinity. The three individuals are “suspected of espionage.”

Men in Russian-occupied Donbas are subject to immediate conscription, and are often thrown onto the front lines without no training and almost no equipment, leading to incredibly high loss rates. As a result, men remaining in the area have begun to hide from the occupation authorities, coming out only for necessities. “The reward is offered in small towns of occupied Luhansk Oblast, where there are almost no men left, but no one canceled the implementation of the forced mobilization plan,” said regional governor Serhiy Hayday. He added that the Russians themselves are less than eager to fight, so they continue to mobilize men in the occupied territories who will be later thrown forward as cannon fodder. It is a war crime to forcibly conscript foreign nationals.

The government district contains the buildings of the Office of the President, the Cabinet of Ministers, the parliament, as well as other government offices. This is due to warnings by Zelensky that the Russians “might try to do something especially vile and cruel” during Ukraine’s upcoming Independence Day, held on Aug. 24. Ukrainian officials believe Russia may step up attacks on Ukraine during independence celebrations.

Mykhailov, a member of the Russia-focused Conflict Intelligence Team open-source analysis collective, spoke about his views on Russia’s nuclear threats, Ukrainian attacks in Crimea, and Russia’s satellite capabilities.

In an exclusive op-ed for NV, Ash breaks down the details of the recent Erdogan-Zelenskyy summit in Lviv, and what it could mean for the peace process going forward – as well as what it could signal for Turkish politics as well.

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