Erdogan visits Lviv, Russia’s referendum plans in chaos, Canadian aid for heading, Naftogaz head speaks out

19 August, 06:42 PM

This newsletter was compiled by Romeo Kokriatski, Managing Editor of the New Voice of Ukraine, Friday, August 19th, 2022.

This is the first visit by the Turkish president to Ukraine since the start of the full-scale war. They sides are likely to discuss diplomatic options in the conflict,as well as Turkish-Ukrainian relations – Turkish Bayraktar drones have one of the most visible signs of bilateral cooperation between the two nations, though continued Turkish cooperation with Russia has also raised questions in Kyiv.

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According to Russian propaganda outlet RIA-Novosti, the head of Russia’s Nu-clear, Biological and Chemical Protection Troops, Lieutenant-General Igor Kirillov has said that Russia may consider a partial or total shutdown of the facility“if the situation with Ukrainian shelling continues to develop negatively.” How-ever, Ukraine has never and would never shell the ZNPP. Russia, on the other hand, has been continuously attacking the nuclear facility for weeks, damaging multiple components and structures, in an attempt to shift the blame to Ukraine.

 Independent Russian media outlet Meduza, citing unnamed Kremlin sources, says that Moscow is currently reworking its entire plan for seizing Ukrainian territory via a fake “referendum”, similar to stunts pulled in Crimea and Donbas in2014. This is because the Kremlin’s military goals for the summer have not been met, and no wellspring of support for Russian occupation has sprouted in the occupied territories. While the initial “referendums” were scheduled to be held on Sept. 11, these may now be moved to the winter, in order for Kremlin propagandists to whip up further support for the dictatorial regime.

The Foundation, founded by TV presenter Serhiy Prytula, had initially raised the money to purchase 4 Bayraktar drones from Turkey. However, the Turkish manufacturer of the drones refused payment, saying instead that they would donate an equivalent amount of drones to Ukraine. The Foundation then entered an agreement with Finnish satellite firm ICEYE, for an exclusive, oneyearaccess to one of its satellites tasked over the region. The Ukrainian military will use this imagery to further refine its operational activities

Andrey Alekseenko will take over for the previous head, collaborator VolodymyrSaldo. Saldo is in intensive care for what are assumed to be cancer treatments, and is currently in a coma, according to media reports. 

In an interview with the New York Times, the partisan, with the alias Svarog, talks about the goals of the underground Ukrainian resistance, and their actions against both Russian authorities and Ukrainian collaborators.

Ukraine’s Prime Minister, Denys Shmyhal, revealed the news on Twitter. This money will help Ukraine meet its objective of maintaining at least 19 billion cubic meters of gas in storage before the winter season, which is projected to be especially hard – given that Russia’s invasion has resulted in a complete halt of Russian gas supplies to Ukraine.

Vitrenko, chairman of the board of Ukraine’s state-owned oil and gas company Naftogaz, spoke to NV about the challenges the company, and the country, face, both in terms of heating and debt financing. 

In an interview with NV Radio, Ukrainian journalist Yurii Larin talks about the mood in Kharkiv after the single deadliest Russian attack against the city on Aug. 18.

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