Help us close the sky. We’ll do the rest ourselves

4 March 2022, 04:21 PM

We need to save Ukraine now, not later, when Putin turns our beautiful cities into a Syrian landscape of crushed bricks and rubble.

This is how the clash of civilizations takes place - not just a military conflict, but a mental one. Putin is flooding every part of his advance into Ukraine with literal mountains of military equipment, all reduced to burning slab by the Ukrainian defense.

Without sparing anyone or anything, he puts both his elite units, and sniveling recruits who do not even understand what is happening, on the attack. The military of the Russian Federation, or rather those who were lucky enough to survive and ditch their burning armored vehicles, are fearfully trying to hide in apartment buildings, in the hallways and the basements of houses.

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From there, they are pulled out by territorial defense fighters – civilians whom Putin, in fact, forced to pick up machine guns, not to give up and meet the occupiers with flowers. Now former Russian military personnel are often dragged to the police stations by their lapels, cursing along the way. Cursing the wild horde that has invaded a peaceful country.

This is why it is a war of civilizations.

These are hordes of real orcs, who have no experience of a peaceful transfer of power through democratic elections, which have invaded Ukraine.

These are people that do not know what freedom of speech or freedom of assembly are. They have been ruled for decades by figures like Putin, Medvedev, Shoigu, Kadyrov, Lavrov. The Russian Empire has never respected anyone, including their own people. For Putin, they are a consumable, a means for self-aggrandizement.

However, they have suffered a colossal humiliation in Ukraine, in front of the entire world, watching the atrocities of the Putin regime in Ukraine online. The destroyed convoys of Russian equipment and their mountains of corpses, the captured soldiers and officers of its army, the killings of civilians have all reduced the world’s attitude towards Russia to a level of disgust.

The whole world has turned away from the Russians, and this has all showcased the weakness of the Putin regime, of Putin's army, of Putin's strategy. His whole strategy is to instill fear, proving it with the animal savagery he displays by firing missiles at peaceful cities. This is what happens when a huge but poor, ignorant and spiritually declining nation “with resources” is ruled by a monkey with an old bomb inherited from the Soviet era.

Everything is clear with the Russians, who are now blocking the approaches to Ukrainian cities with their troops, and those who have broken through are "clearing" Ukrainian supermarkets and engaging in mass marauding and looting. At the same time, not everything is clear with the West.

Those of you who visited Ukraine before Putin's invasion have seen our cities. You admired them. You went to our operas, our museums with collections of world importance, the Champions League final, Elton John and Madonna concerts. After all, you've always liked our restaurants, with our Ukrainian, French, and Chinese cuisines. You liked our music.

Many of you have found your soul mates in Ukraine. Yes, in that humane way, step by step, Ukraine crawled out and away from Russian occupation. Ukraine was returning to Europe, overcoming the steel ropes it was bound with by the empire. Gradually, we moved forward. We created an army, built infrastructure that continues to work even under fire from Putin's heavy artillery and cruise missiles.

Mostly, we did not have enough time to have everything done. We did not have enough time to have our sky reliably blocked from air attacks. Will you allow the Russian monkey with missiles to destroy what you had often admired? Listen, Putin is not just killing civilians now.

He is killing the idea of a free Ukraine. Killing our liberal and European values. He is trying to prove that barbarians, war criminals, and marauders can destroy civilization. The same goes for you. You will be next. Putin and his generals are killing children, women, men, and the elderly.

And here in Ukraine, it does not make a difference whether he will be judged in The Hague or will be shot in the head.

We need to save Ukraine now, not later, when our beautiful cities are turned into a Syrian landscape of crushed bricks and rubble. Save Ukraine as part of the planet’s global human civilization. As a part of our shared human culture. Don't be afraid of Putin! He is weak. He no longer has an economy.

His elite units are burning under the blows of the Ukrainian army. Help us close the sky over Ukraine. You have that capability. The rest we will do ourselves. The empire Putin has dreamt of will cease to exist in the form of soldiers' barracks and a people's prison.

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