IAEA arrives at ZNPP, but some mission members leave early, Chairman of Lukoil falls out a window, HRW releases report on ‘filtration’ camps

2 September, 03:20 PM

Newsletter by Romeo Kokriatski, Managing Editor, New Voice of Ukraine Thursday, September 2nd, 2022.

The mission, headed by IAEA chief Rafael Grossi, arrived at the ZNPP as scheduled on Sept. 1, but a part of the 14-member team departed after just four hours, Russia’s Interfax reports. According to Grossi, the agency has already obtained crucial information about the situation at the power plant. Ukrainian intelligence warned earlier that the Russians had removed any personnel they deemed “unreliable” from the facility ahead of the IAEA’s visit. Grossi added that the IAEA will attempt to establish a permanent presence at the plant.

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Directly prior to the IAEA’s arrival at the ZNPP, Russia had shelled the occupied town of Enerhodar, starting from 5:00 a.m., according to Enerhodar mayor Dmytro Orlov. There were casualties, he added.

The convoy had been traveling through Vasylivka, the only point where Ukrainian citizens are permitted to cross from the Russian-occupied parts of Ukraine’s Kherson and Zaporizhzhya into Ukrainian controlled territory. “(The enemy attack) was cynical: Russian troops let civilians travel via an unsecured route, themselves hiding away in safety,” Melitopol mayor Ivan Fedorov noted.

Maganov was undergoing treatment at Moscow’s Central Clinical Hospital, Russia media reported. His body is said to have been discovered by medical personnel. There have been a surprising number of Russian public figures and officials who have perished following a defenestration incident – typically, as in Maganov’s case, these incidents are officially reported to be accidents or suicides. Lukoil, under Maganov’s leadership, was one of the few companies in Russia to criticize Russian dictator Vladimir Putin's decision to launch a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. A week after Russia began the major military attack on Feb. 24, the board of the company released a statement calling for a ceasefire and the "settlement of problems through serious negotiations and diplomacy." 

The 71 page reported, entitled "We Had No Choice: 'Filtration' and the War Crime of Forcibly Transferring Ukrainian Civilians to Russia" documents what HRW says are a serious violation of the laws of war that constitute war crimes and potential crimes against humanity. HRW presents evidence that Russian and Russian-affiliated authorities have subjected thousands of Ukrainian citizens to a form of compulsory, punitive, and abusive security screening called “filtration.” Read the full report here.

According to military expert Oleh Zhdanov, talking to Radio NV, Russia’s newly formed 3rd Army Corps, based out of the town of Mulino, are usually tasked with parade duty or ceremonial appearances. Their deployment to Ukraine represents Russia’s last bits of serious manpower, Zhdanov believes .“I’m more than sure that the [Russian] general staff has, on paper, an ideal combat-ready corps, which (it believes) should radically change the situation in one of the operational areas, most likely in the Donetsk one,” Zhdanov said. “But in reality, the volunteers of this corps are (of poor quality).”

Ukraine’s rejection of the notion of “Russian culture” – even the figures considered to be literary stalwarts, such as Pushkin – is a necessary step for once-colonized subjects to reclaim their voices, and their own unique identity, Neborak writes.  

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