IAEA expands presence in Ukraine, 900 tons of grain stolen, 100 days of war

30 November 2022, 03:41 PM

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Rafael Grossi, the agency’s director, said that IAEA is still working on establishing a “nuclear safety & security protection zone” around the Zaporizhzhya Nuclear Power Plant, which is still occupied by Russian troops. The Ukrainian government has welcomed the move, with Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba commenting that he supports the IAEA’s efforts to demilitarize the nuclear plant.

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Ukraine’s state-owned energy trader, Energy Company of Ukraine, reported that it had experimentally imported 1 megawatt of energy from Romania over the course of two hours on Nov. 27. According to the ECU, importing electricity can become an additional tool in stabilizing the energy system of Ukraine as it faces persistent Russian attacks.

The Starobilsky grain elevator, which Russian troops had looted, was holding portions of the 2021 harvest. According to Ukraine’s National Resistance Center, the invaders marked these agricultural products as “abandoned property” and transferred them to the “agrarian fund of the LPR (“Luhansk People’s Republic”).”

These crimes include treason and participation in an illegal armed formation. According to the SBU, some of the 19 suspects that have been charged were previously Russian prisoners serving sentences for a variety of violent offenses, including murder.

A DNA test of an unknown individual buried in the cemetery of the liberated town of Izyum confirmed Vakulenko’s identity. His body was found to contain two bullets belonging to a Makarov pistol. He had been missing since late March, when armed Russian occupation troops came to his house and forced him into their car.

To this end, Ukrainian national fossil fuel company Naftogaz’s CEO, Oleksiy Chernyshov, met with Elizabeth McKee, the assistant administrator of the USAID International Development in Europe and Eurasia. Chernyshov did not share any conclusions reached during the meeting, but noted that they discussed methanol, gas compressors, diesel generators, and equipment for gas production.

Funds have been donated to this cause from over a dozen countries, as well as the UN and NATO. The initiative will deliver humanitarian supplies of grain for developing countries in Asia and Africa, with $24 million allocated already.

Volumes have increased by 46% in October compared to March, Ukrzaliznytsia CEO Oleksandr Kamyshin says. Grain currently compromises 30% of the overall freight cargo flow, compared to 1% prior to the invasion, he noted.

The current rate of 1.3% will remain in place despite a hike in interchange rates for international card payments to 1% on Dec. 1, the bank stated. It called on Visa and Mastercard to cancel the planned hike, since banks are typically forced to raise their own tariffs in concert with Visa and Mastercard changes.

The company will pay UAH 1.102 billion ($30.1 million) to the state budget for the development of Mayorivska gas field and UAH 211 million ($5.7 million) for the development of the Birkivsko-Zinkivska field, DTEK said in a press release. “Our task is to provide Ukraine with its own gas and become a gas exporter to Europe,” DTEK CEO Maksym Timchenko said.

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