In first international trip of the full-on invasion, Zelensky visits allies in US and Poland

23 December 2022, 03:17 PM

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President Zelensky went from Bakhmut straight on to Washington, DC. He first gave a press conference with US President Biden, then gave a speech before a joint session of Congress. This was his first time leaving Ukraine since the full-scale invasion began.

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On his way back from the United States, Zelenskiy made a stop in Warsaw to meet with Polish President Duda. Poland has been one of Ukraine’s most important allies and hosts a large percentage of Ukrainian refugees.

The United States will be providing a battery of Patriot anti-air missile systems to Ukraine in order to improve the anti-missile defense grid. However, this is a more advanced system than what Ukraine currently has and will require training, which the US will soon begin.

The United States Senate has included an amendment into the omnibus spending bill that will allow for the government to seize the assets of Russian oligarchs and then use that money to fund support for Ukraine.

The former head of the Russian space program, Dmitry Ragozin, was injured in a rocket attack on his hotel in occupied Donetsk. He was hospitalized while his body guard was killed. Ragozin is an extreme Russian nationalist with connections to neo-Nazi and monarchist groups.

The Ukrainian government has been making significant and often controversial reforms to labor laws, and the latest of these is a proposed change to how sick leave functions. While it will not be removed, it will be changed.

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