The next stage of the war with Putin's Russia

11 March, 01:06 PM
Vladimir Putin (Photo:Kremlin via REUTERS)

Vladimir Putin (Photo:Kremlin via REUTERS)

Russia’s army is not only losing columns of armored vehicles, warplanes, helicopters, and ships - the Kremlin's invasion force is losing coordination and its logistics are failing.

As of the morning of March 10, 2022, a total of 63 Russian warplanes, 83 helicopters, 331 tanks, 1,104 armored combat vehicles, 120 artillery systems, and hundreds of other Russian weapons have been destroyed. I understand that personnel does not matter much to Putin: in the 12 days of the war with Ukraine, he turned 12,116 of his soldiers, officers, and generals into burnt chunks of meat.

Видео дня

Moscow is catching up with the Soviet army’s "achievements" in Afghanistan. However, those numbers were the result of 10 years of war, not 12 days as in Ukraine today. Some Russian soldiers had more luck. 

Those laying down their weapons and surrendering saved their lives. And this is not the worst option because the prisoners change from dirty, wet, and blood-stained uniforms into proper dry and warm clothes. They are fed and shown their activities in Ukraine, i.e., footage and photos of Ukrainian cities destroyed by Russian missiles, artillery shells, and bombs, and the civilians they killed, including children and elderly shot while trying to flee the burning cities, as a sort of cruel “therapy.” The now-former Russian soldiers send the same messages to their relatives: "Mommy (dear), I'm fine, I'm in captivity, they don’t beat us here."

Putin's army is not only despised for its incredible cruelty toward people, the mass killings, the executions of civilians, and for destroying Ukraine's infrastructure - it also causes enormous resentment.

But we should not get overly excited. The situation, as I see it, is as follows: Putin does not have a full picture of his army’s defeat. Judging from the Russian commander-in-chief’s chaotic actions in his bunker, he is not told everything. And he acts like Hitler, who also continued to send his own people to their deaths from the bunker of the Reich Chancellery.

He placed his hopes on some miracle weapon. Apparently, the Russian leader’s clinical condition is similar. He keeps on sending his army to slaughter people - like cattle, pardon my French. He is trying to seize Ukrainian cities at the expense of huge amounts of burnt-out equipment and piles of corpses.

We need to understand this: Nazi Russia is now conducting a covert buildup and they still have enough equipment in their warehouses. Now, it is very important to avoid the other extremes that some Western analysts are already beginning to switch to. For instance, they write about Putin's "Potemkin" army and its weakness.

This is not only a sign of euphoria but a signal that might make some Western politicians think that there is no need to take active and swift action to close the sky and provide Ukrainians with fighter jets and air defense systems. We heard about a strange exchange of statements between the governments of the United States and Poland regarding handing the old Soviet-made MiG-29 fighters over to Ukrainians, and the delays to this logical action.

A loss of concentration is a very alarming signal that can further relax our partners’ efforts. I would advise those experts who think that the Russian army is weak to come to Ukraine, pick up a grenade launcher and burn a Russian tank, or a self-propelled artillery vehicle, or a multiple rocket launcher shelling Ukrainian cities. It would be good experience for military analysts.

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