Putin’s new myth. What is behind car bombing of daughter of ‘Russian World’ ideologue Dugin

21 August, 10:16 PM

Neither Alexander Dugin himself nor even more so his daughter, played any role in the war.

They were small cogs in the modern Russian propaganda machine, who had no media significance even in Russia itself. And in Ukraine, Dugin was mentioned only due to his joint press conference with (Ukrainian presidential advisor Oleksiy) Arestovych some years ago. He (Dugin) was not mentioned at all in Ukraine, and even more so in the context of a “war ideologue,” any monitoring will show this.

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Even if Dugin himself was blown up, it would not matter for Ukraine.

The blowing up of a little-known Russian propagandist will be used by the Russian authorities to intensify anti-Ukrainian sentiments. That’s because it is necessary to constantly create motivation for the population when they are suffering from economic problems and every day bury dozens of their fellow citizens as a result of the war in Ukraine.

Moscow will now invent a myth of Ukrainian terrorism, as with the blowing up of apartment blocks in Russia 22 years ago, thanks to which Putin came to power.

Putin now faces the need to explain to the population why he is continuing the war with the Ukrainian people. Because the myth about bad Ukrainian nationalists has been shattered, and now he needs a new myth about why all Ukrainians must either be captured or killed.

For this, it is necessary to show on television the horrors that Ukrainians themselves are invading Russia, and this is a terrible threat. I think such provocations will continue in Moscow.

The text is published with the permission of the author. 

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