Russia moves to buy more Iranian suicide drones, kidnaps Deputy Director of ZNPP

12 October 2022, 03:00 PM

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According to Luhansk governor Serhiy Hayday, the Russian occupiers have mined nearly everything in the Luhansk Oblast and that “almost every road, bridge, and administrative building is laden with explosives.” The liberation of Kharkiv and northern Donetsk has made Luhansk next in line, but he urges locals not to return home until demining teams can make the area relatively safe.

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The most recent wave of Russian attacks on civilian targets has made heavy use of Iranian-made suicide drones. These suicide drones carry a much smaller explosive payload than long-range missiles, but they are also much more difficult to detect and intercept. Russia attacked Kyiv using them out of bases in Belarus. They have now reportedly ordered significantly more suicide drones in order to continue this strategy.

The Russian occupation authorities overseeing the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant have been abusing and torturing the staff of the plant ever since they occupied the facility early in the war. Energoatom, the Ukrainain atomic energy agency, has announced that “Yesterday, on Oct. 10, Russian troops kidnapped Valery Martyniuk, Deputy General Director of the Zaporizhzhia NPP, and are holding him in an unknown location, probably using their methods of torture and intimidation.”

Another target of the Russian missile strikes was an office building in central Kyiv containing the German consulate. However, while the German government did confirm that their offices were damaged, they had been empty since the beginning of the war so none of their diplomatic staff were harmed. This event led to increased calls by Ukrianains for Germany to provide military aid.

The recent Russian air attacks on rear-echelon cities throughout Ukraine have once again demonstrated the need for a larger number of more advanced air defense systems. However, while this aid has come slowly and Ukraine’s western partners have said they will increase their support in this area, Ukrainian crews have already been training on the highly advanced German IRIS-T system. They have now arrived in Ukraine and have been introduced to the Ukrainian military arsenal.

The legitimate President of Belarus, Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya, has called for an alliance with Ukraine. “To fight together and support the Belarusian resistance. The (Belarusian) Joint Transitional Cabinet is ready to cooperate with Ukraine and establish diplomatic and political relations. We are ready to act together with Ukraine because without a free Ukraine there can be no free Belarus and Europe.” This has become especially urgent as Russia looks like it may force Belarus to directly take part in their war.

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