Russia neo-nazis gather intel in Latvia, war will end when Putin dies says Zelenskyy

13 December 2022, 02:52 PM

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Last week a post appeared on Rusich's official Telegram channel calling its members in the Baltic countries to send data on the location of border checkpoints, surveillance systems, telecommunication towers and military units. They were also interested in data about soldiers and their relatives. The pro-Kremlin Rusich seems to have close connections with Russia’s Wagner mercenary company, which is playing an active role in the full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

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Innovative Ukrainian engineers have already produced a sea drone, or unmanned marine vehicle, which was used in a daring attack against the Russian Black Sea fleet in Ukraine’s Russian-occupied Crimea.

Zelenskyy told Biden about 50% of Ukraine’s energy infrastructure had been destroyed due to Russian missile strikes, stressing yet again that U.S. recovery assistance is now vitally important. The Ukrainian leader also called on Biden to increase aid to strengthen and expand the effectiveness of Ukraine’s air defenses.

Taftaj was appointed to the role of the head of Derzhkosmos under the "quarantine" procedure on winning the competition for the position in summer 2021. The State Space Agency was involved in several scandals under Taftaj’s leadership, Business outlet AIN.UA wrote.

“The sender’s address is the same as on the other envelopes that previously arrived at Ukrainian embassies and consulates: The Tesla car dealership in the German town of Sindelfingen,” reported the Foreign Ministry. In total there are already 33 cases of threats in 17 countries.

Ukraine’s deputy intelligence chief Vadym Skibitskyy said the missiles were manufactured in the 1970s and were able to carry a nuclear warhead. Currently, Russia has removed the nuclear warhead from them and is using them as decoys in attempts to overwhelm the Ukrainian air defense system.

“As many as 24 pieces of military equipment are being moved closer to the border with Ukraine, including four carriers with T-80 tanks, a mortar battery, communication vehicles, and engineering equipment,” the Belarusian Hajun monitoring project stated.

According to the Ukrainian leader, Putin’s power structure will collapse if he dies, as Russian authority would simply become dysfunctional. Zelenskyy noted that any authoritarian regime is dangerous – due to everything hinging one the whim of one singular leader.

That’s assuming an average depletion of about 80-90 missiles per salvo, a typical rate for previous Russian mass missiles strikes. Skibitskyy noted that since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, Russia was able to manufacture 240 Kh-101 cruise missiles and about 120 Kalibr sea-launched cruise missiles. In general, Moscow can produce about 40 missiles each month.

“Ukrainian migrants are supporting the economy of European countries – that’s the counter-intuitive conclusion of our analytical department’s specialists,” said central bank chief Andriy Pyshnyy. The governor noted that the Ukrainians’ spending abroad are covered by accumulated savings in Ukrainian banks, wages in Ukraine and in the countries of their stay, as well as state-provided social assistance.

Writer Andriy Kokotuha notes that far from being a grand literary tradition, Russian literature lags far behind the globe in progress – especially when looking at the lack of Russian female voices.

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