Russian military passes milestone of 100,000 killed in action

22 December 2022, 03:30 PM

Russian military passes milestone of 100,000 killed in action

Russians have accepted a high price for the war of aggressions against Ukraine, and their choice of tactics in the Battle for Bakhmut especially have been extremely. So, they have passed the milestone of over 100,000 Russian soldiers killed in action.

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As investigators and survivors return to the de-occupied parts Kherson oblast, they continue to find evidence of Russia’s genocide against the Ukrainian people. In this case, there was a mass grave containing seven people, including a teenage girl, in the village of Pravdyne, which was only just on the Russian side of the front line.

Two of the big questions of the war right now are whether or not Belarus will join in directly in the invasion of Ukraine, and if Russia will attempt another attack on Kyiv through Belarus. Both propositions are doubtful, and their recent posturing in the area is winding down.

Russia’s most important ally in the war against Ukraine is Iran, and even though Iran is under its own sanctions regime they may be an economic lifeline. Russia hoping that a trade corridor all the way south to Iran’s Indian Ocean port of Chah Bihar will allow them to evade sanctions by first sending goods from Chah Bihar to India or other nearby ports.

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin and Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu have both been fairly distant from the media during the course of the war, and Putin even canceled his regular New Year address. However, both spoke at a lengthy press conference. This article summarizes their statements.

Ukrainian investment banker Serhiy Fursa explains why increased Fed interest rates will have a cooling effect on the global economy, but that this situation was known about ahead of time.

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