Sindeeva “on base:” What the scandal surrounding Dozhd TV channel is about

11 December 2022, 01:03 PM

The scandal surrounding the Russian TV Rain channel (also known by its Russian name, Dozhd) has added new colors to the discussion about "good Russians".

Not even because the presenter Aleksey Korostelov admitted live that the editors of the liberal mass media not only sympathize with Russian soldiers, but also help provide them uniforms – that is, things necessary for the war against Ukraine. The management of Dozhd frantically tried to suppress this coming-out, dismissing the TV presenter in a flash and repudiating his words. Supposedly.

Video of day

But the most interesting thing is what happened next, after the Latvian National Council stripped Dozhd of its license. The sincere indignation with which this decision was received in the editorial office, statements of solidarity from Meduza, another liberal publication that now also works in Latvia, all showed how Russian liberal journalism does not understand the depth of the chasm that Russia has dug between itself and both Ukraine and Latvia. Actually, between Russians and neigh-boring European peoples. It is to the extent that they do not see the scale of the drama and do not feel their own responsibility for it.

The owner of TV Rain, Nataliya Sindeeva, sincerely cried in a clip for social networks and sprinkled ashes on her head because of... no, not Rain’s support of the Russian military, but because of the dismissal of her TV host. Aleksey Korostelov begs for pardons and forgiveness. Behind this female hysteria is the real drama of the destruction of the cause of a lifetime. And the key reproach that sounds between the lines: “What have you done this to us for?”

They really don't understand.

It seems that the Russian liberal media quite sincerely believes that by immigrating from Russia, they earn an automatic indulgence. That is, there is some belief that the responsibility for everything that Russia is currently doing to the world can be thrown away like an old coat when crossing the border. Dress up in a European cloak and go drink coffee with Ukrainians. It is enough to declare that you are against the war, and continue to work calmly and as usual in Latvia. But the problem is that, despite moving physically to Europe, they remain in Russia mentally and spiritually.

The Latvian regulator had twice issued warnings to TV Rain, for showing a map where Crimea was marked as Russian territory, and for their journalists talking about the Russian armed forces as "our army." But the editors also considered these to be minor mistakes, fascinated by the global mission of "good Russians," an image which they have invented for themselves and show to the Western world. This is the development of a future Russia. "Good Russians" are already drawing up full blueprints for new projects. But what kind of future can be built by those who have not gone through inner repentance?

Exactly 51 years ago, also on December 7, the Chancellor of Germany came to Poland. It was the first official visit of a German head of state since Nazi Germany occupied this country and committed mass murders of Poles and Jews. A quarter of a century (!) later, German Chancellor Willy Brandt laid flowers at the monument to the fallen participants of the uprising in the Warsaw Ghetto. And got on his knees.

Germany has gone through a huge path of repentance – a grand nationwide program that affected every German. It seems that the "good Russian" mass media are not even looking in this direction at the moment, as if playing a children's game of tag, saying “I’m on base, you can’t get me here.” But escaping from reality never saved anyone.

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