So long as Putin is in the Kremlin: What awaits Russia and what the West is striving for

1 February, 08:48 PM
Russian flag (Photo:IGORN / Pixabay)

Russian flag (Photo:IGORN / Pixabay)

The West has been waiting to achieve its long-standing goal - to starve and deplete its long-time enemy

Payback for the invasion of Ukraine is not only a matter for the future, but is already happening right before our eyes: huge human losses, the undermining of the Russian economy, Western sanctions, frozen assets totaling $350-400 billion, the exodus of large international companies and related job losses, expulsion of the country from international organizations, termination of Russian contracts, cancellation of many flights, refusal to receive Russian tourists, and the mass exodus from the country. And there will be even more...Given the economic and military power of the West, Putin's policy, which is one way or another aimed at its depletion, cannot end in anything other than the gradual but radical depletion of Russia itself.

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The West is not satisfied with Ukrainian troops reaching their own borders

Here we must bear in mind the policy of the West, which is playing a long game – that is, it is aimed not at the rapid defeat of the Russian Federation, but at its slow but catastrophic depletion. , NATO is in no hurry to go anywhere, and its policy is a protracted war that will put Russia in the state of Nazi Germany in May 1945 – complete unconditional surrender, and a real one at that (and not fingernail-pulled denazification and demilitarization). Moreover, the more complete bleeding and military attrition, the better - it will easier to put an end to another world monster once and for all ... “demilitarization” as an accelerated process of Ukraine's transition to NATO standards.

In my view, this gradual attrition, exhaustion, and depletion of the Russian Federation is the best tactic for its destruction. Let it happen slowly, but irreversibly and, hopefully, forever. By dragging out the war, the crazed Russians are tightening the noose around their own necks with their own hands - military, economic and psychological, creating a national disgrace that will stretch for centuries.

I want to stress that the result of this moronic protracted war was not the "demilitarization" of Ukraine, but its powerful strengthening due to the most modern Western weapons deployed along its border with Russia, up to and including American PATRIOTs. Just compare: while the United States is handing over a PATRIOT battery to Ukraine, Prigozhin is asking North Korea for military support. What a comparison…

The West and NATO, being multiple times stronger in their economies and armed forces, are not using these strengths, and thus not spending that which is most valuable in liberal democratic communities - the lives of thousands of their soldiers. The West instead has awaited the achievement of its long-standing goal - to starve out and exhaust its old adversary without worrying about it, and without wasting its human resources. Since the war was unleashed by the "empire of lies and evil" itself, the West is taking advantage of what happened, as they say, "to the fullest:" continuously increasing sanctions, severing trade and other ties, global isolation, numerous bans, the slow destruction of the Russian economy, the gradual tightening of the noose around the neck Putin himself, the complete military and economic exhaustion of the “staunch” and, in the end, an international tribunal (an exact repetition of the strangulation of the Nazis’ “Thousand-Year Reich” in a couple of years) In addition, in this case there is no need for a Second Front, nor for the death of the West’s soldiers, nor for the destruction of their own infrastructure - a downright gift of fate, presented not by fate, but by the enemy himself.

You can understand this strategic plan by remembering the deepest symbolism of the ancient Chinese saying: “If you sit on the river bank for a long time, you can see the corpse of your enemy floating down the river.” Or, in the words of the Chinese sage Lao Tzu: “If someone has done you a bad thing, do not rush into battle and do not rush to take revenge, just sit on the river bank and wait for the corpse of the offender to float past...”

As early as March 10, 2022, the analytical center at the Kyiv School of Economics, together with the Office of the President and the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine, created the Russia Will Pay project. Ukraine is already recording the stream of crimes of the "collective Putin,” which is worse than the Nazi ones, because Putin's genocide, unlike Hitler's, is directed against a kindred people. In the future, Ukraine will use its data on the massive destruction of Ukrainian cities and the mass death of the civilian population against the Russian Federation in international courts. This project was created in order to collect information about the number of deaths, the number of objects destroyed in Ukraine, as well as the number of buildings that continue to be destroyed by the invading Russian occupiers.

A huge contribution to the destruction of the consciousness of the nation in this non-country has always been made by the carriers of the "Russian idea," and today Putin's propagandists and ideologists, the killers of the nation's brains, all the Russian corrupt Goebbelses – the Solovyovs, Kiselyovs, Skabeyevas, Popovs, Sheynins, Karaulovs, Tolstoys, Butinas, Prokhanovs, Dugins, Kurginyans, Okhlobystins, Krasovskys, Norkins, Pushkovs, Prilepins, Shafrans (the names of these scoundrels is legion). These are not just scoundrels and accomplices, but war criminals, and their place is solely on the defendants’ bench on trial for the highest of crimes for the destruction of Ukrainian cities and the mass spiritual genocide of their own foolish population.

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Recall that in Nuremberg, it was not only Hitler's thug functionaries who were tried, but also those whom the Fuhrer had authorized to control the spiritual and ideological education of the NSDAP –  Alfred Rosenberg, the head of the Internal Press Service Hans Fritsche, the head of the radio broadcasting department of the Ministry of Public Education and Propaganda Hans Fritsche, the Reichsjugendfuhrer of the Hitler Youth Baldur Benedict von Schirach, editor-in-chief of the Der Stürmer weekly Julius Streicher,, and others like them... They personally did not kill anyone, but called for genocide and were sentenced to be hanged. This is not a call for revenge, but the natural and legitimate result of the criminal, cannibalistic propaganda of the terrorist state destroying Ukrainian cities and many thousands of civilians. It is not surprising that after such calls, the entire civilized world declared that it would support Ukraine for as long as it takes. How long will it take to forever break the back of the Russian military machine and all its bullhorns.

(For reference: as of 2012, Russia ranked first in the world in financing propaganda, spending a total of $1.6 billion on it - more than China and other countries. Today, retribution has already affected many singers of Russian obscurantism, and people like Solovyov, Simonyan, and Skabayeva do not hesitate to cry on TV channels about the confiscation of property, which for some reason they acquired exclusively in the "decaying West," and not in their own country or the DPRK).

But the poisoning of the consciousness of the Russian nation, the real burning out of its brains, the monstrous stupidity of the nation - this is not only a result of the infecting power of propaganda or total lies, but a series of bloody wars, nightly explosions of houses in which their fellow citizens slept, forcing Russians to live in fear, an organic inability to separate good from evil, the killing of civilians in a fraternal country, and the calls of a patriarch to destroy his own recalcitrant flock. Furthermore - a stolen or trampled culture and lost morality, a miserable and flawed inner world of a person, the destruction of his ability to think independently. Russia is a country of hell, in which the slightest manifestation of free-thinking and the very ability to think with one's own brains have always been considered the most terrible of human sins...

It is high time to think about how Putin's protracted reign will end for this non-country. The best thing that can be given to the people of Russia by another term of this demon-possessed madman is stagnation and the slow decay of the entire state, and ahead - decades of national humiliation. As long as Putin is in the Kremlin, Russia has no chance for civil peace or political stability. Russia cannot be given a chance to revive itself, simply because sooner or later we will get another war. That's why there are so many people in the world who want Russia not just to suffer defeat in the war with Ukraine, but irreversible collapse and breakdown.

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