Strike on the base in Makiivka: How Russia is reacting

4 January, 01:20 PM

Fear of HIMARS has taken on a new life in the Russians’ minds

Many people in Ukraine cannot even imagine what a huge public outcry was caused in Russia by the death of about 600 mobilized Russians after a HIMARS strike, when School #19 in the village of Shlyakh Ilyicha was completely destroyed.

The situation with the destruction of several hundred mobilized people in temporarily-occupied Makiivka has reached a new level and again triggered panic in the Russian Federation. The thing is that it is not possible to hide the situation. The attempt by Russian authorities to put out information that the number of dead conscripts was in the range of 45-60 failed and further undermined trust in official sources of information, and the fate of the mobiks in Makiivka is on the mind of every mobilized Russian. The fear of HIMARS has taken on a new life in Russians’ minds.

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The silence of the governor of Russia’s Saratov Oblast, from which most of the mobilized came from, and the head of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, Vyacheslav Volodin, who serves as the commissar for this oblast, gives the situation a special spiciness. Both are silent, because admitting the destruction of about 600 mobilized Russians at the Makiivka Vocational Training School is simply scary to them, due to the possible resonance in the Saratov region.

Things are not simple there anyway, after the Ukrainian Armed Forces hit the air base in Engels several times, so it is interesting to look at the continuation of the story in the public sphere. After all, Russian authorities are not afraid of the opposition, which has been driven out of sight, but of any movement by mothers and wives. They are afraid of protest rallies by relatives, of public letters, and of those who are subject to mobilization voting with their feet out of Russia.

They are now looking in Russia for a scapegoat who can be held responsible

They are now looking in Russia for a scapegoat who can be held responsible for the fact that the mobilized were placed in the vocational school and there was an ammunition dump, the detonation of which killed everyone inside and destroyed all the military equipment that was standing near the building. Pieces of the bodies of the mobilized Russians were scattered a hundred meters from the building, and the local residents could clearly see it.

It was thanks to word of mouth that the information quickly spread on social networks, and even Russian censorship could not do anything. The destruction of an entire battalion of mobilized soldiers and their materiel by HIMARS in a single instant requires the Kremlin to appoint a culprit. A candidate will be selected, but this does not guarantee that there will not be similar new stories. HIMARS is continuing its work, and stupidity and incompetence are ineradicable among Russian officers.

Therefore, similar destruction will be repeated as long as Russian troops continue to conduct military activities on Ukrainian territory. And that's for sure!

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