Russia strikes dam near Kryvyi Rih, Hodges warns of Russian dissolution, and atrocities discovered in Kharkiv

15 September, 03:25 PM

Newsletter by Romeo Kokriatski, Managing Editor, New Voice of Ukraine Thursday, September 15th, 2022

•   Russia strikes a dam near Kryvyi Rih, causing extensive damage.

Sources in the city, which is in southeast-central Ukraine, said seven cruise missiles slammed into the east end of the dam at around 5.05 p.m., just as air raid sirens began to wail. Later reports updated the number of missiles to eight. Video of the results of the strike was soon posted on social media, showing extensive damage to a building and part of the dam structure.

Видео дня


•   President Zelenskyy also visited the front lines in Izyum, and took part in a ceremony to commemorate the liberation.


•   80% of the liberated town of Izyum has been destroyed.

“The destruction in the city is appalling,” said Izyum City Council head Maksym Strelnyk.“Almost 80% (of the city) is destroyed, mostly the residential buildings and high-rise buildings. An examination will show whether this figure is higher. Now, on the eve of winter, we must carry out a number of measures to ensure the city is livable during the heating season.” He said that at least 1,000 people in the city had been killed by the Russians.


•   Nine EU member states have stopped accepting visa applications from Russian nationals.

Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Denmark, Belgium, and the Netherlands have implemented this visa ban, following months of prompting from the Ukrainian government. Italy, Spain, France, Greece, Hungary, and Cyprus are still accepting applications for their respective national visas, although the process now takes up to two months.


•   Retired U.S. general Ben Hodges warns the world to prepare for Russia’s dissolution.

“It is becoming increasingly clear that Ukraine is going to win this war and that the Kremlin faces a historic crisis of confidence,” Hodges said. “Indeed, I now believe it is a genuine possibility that (Russian dictator) Vladimir Putin’s exposed weaknesses are so severe that we might be witnessing the beginning of the end – not only of his regime, but of the Russian Federation itself.”


•   The UN plans to renew the partial blockade lift deal, but Russian objections may scupper the initiative. 

The deal to unblock the shipment of grain from Ukraine’s ports, which were under Russian naval blockade from February to July, gave hope to millions by increasing the global food supply and pushing down surging prices. But Russian discontent with its share of benefits from the deal – sanctions relief on its fertilizer exports – could put the breakthrough deal at risk.


•   Ukrainian astronomers observe bizarre, unidentified aerial phenomena over Kyiv.

Astronomers from Ukraine’s National Science Academy have observed “unidentified aerial phenomena” (UAP) in the skies over Kyiv. According to the article, a team of three researchers were using facilities in Kyiv and nearby Vynarivka to observe meteors when they observed the unknown objects.


•   Ocean Plaza, one of Kyiv’s largest and well-known malls, may reopen after it was seized from its Russian co-owner.

The Ukrainian company UDP, which owns 33% of Ocean Plaza mall in Kyiv, said it could now reopen the seized property for business, directing much of the profits to the state, UDP said in a statement on Sept. 14. Ocean Plaza has been under the management of Ukraine’s Agency for Investigation and Management of Assets (AIMA) since February, as the rest of the mall is owned by entities linked to Russian oligarchs.


•   The day’s long-read: Evidence of shocking Russian army atrocities coming to light in liberated Kharkiv Oblast

Even as Ukraine continues to secure the liberation of around 6,000 square kilometers of land in Kharkiv Oblast, evidence of numerous atrocities committed by the formerly occupying Russian Army is coming to light.

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