The world should know what Putin planned to do with Ukraine if his blitzkrieg panned out

14 March 2022, 12:34 PM

A text several pages long entitled “Action Plan to Put into Place a System of Control Over Economic and Political Processes in Ukraine" has popped up in the information space. But many media outlets did not dare to publish it, even accompanied by commentary. 

They had their reasons: the text bore no personal signature, or seal with a two-headed vulture, or Russian President Putin’s fingerprint. It's true.

Ukrainian media operate according to generally accepted standards. The spokespersons for the occupiers, Dmitry Peskov and Maria Zakharova, will not respond to inquiries from Ukrainian media outlets.

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However, I would not recommend using comments from these villains. Their testimony will only be helpful in the international tribunal for the Russian Federation's war crimes committed in Ukraine. International experts who analyzed the "writing style" believe that one of Russia's think tanks may have developed the plan. "It’s their style," said diplomat Oleksandr Khara.

 There is another method of verifying the document’s authenticity. You have to apply its framework to the occupiers' actions in our country. A cursory analysis of the ideas set out in this paper and comparing them with the Russian invaders’ actions in the occupied Ukrainian territories resulted in two spitting images.

Therefore, Ukrainians have the right to know how Putin intended to destroy their country had the "blitzkrieg" that Moscow was counting on panned out. To reproduce this text in the form of fascist propaganda, I decided to add my own comments. From now on, I will refer to the text as the plan (of the destruction of Ukraine).

 According to the plan, Ukraine’s nuclear power plants would be taken under control and modified to use Russian nuclear fuel elements. Today, the Russian occupiers are trying to take control of Ukrainian atomic facilities. They seized the Chernobyl station and Europe's largest nuclear power plant in Zaporizhzhia.

Moreover, the invaders declared the ZNPP to be Rosatom’s property. The next step in implementing the plan would be getting Russian personnel to the station. NPP operators may be brought in to control the panels and machinery rooms under the guise of "journalists." The occupiers’ strategic goal may be to create a land corridor to Crimea and provide electricity supplies to the occupied peninsula using the Zaporizhzhia NPP.

A separate point in the plan is seizing the Ukrainian GTS (gas transit system). Attempts by Russian troops to reach and capture parts of the Ukrainian gas transportation system have been recorded.

 The text includes a clause about holding referendums in the occupied territories. Indeed, the Russian aggressors already held fake referendums in Crimea and ORDLO (Russian-occupied territories in the Donbas). There are reports that the Russian occupiers are preparing something similar in the captured city of Kherson.

 The plan outlines the repression to be used against Ukrainian citizens whom the Kremlin considers criminals (as well as all Ukrainian citizens supporting their state’s independence and sovereignty and defending it). We are talking about special "tribunals" created to convict Ukrainian citizens.

The confiscation of assets from Ukrainian citizens is mentioned separately. I do not doubt that the assets had to then be distributed manually among the collaborators loyal to Moscow and Putin. In fact, Ukrainian citizens have been repressed in the occupied territories since 2014.

The aggressors detain, murder, throw them into basements, and torture Ukrainian citizens if those are not loyal to them. Therefore, the occupiers have followed these instructions on how to fight against Ukrainian patriots for a long time. In this regard, it is systematic.

The plan includes dividing Ukraine into pieces to subsequently form "republics" called "New Russia," "Little Russia," and "Slobozhanshchina," or the territories’ accession to the Russian Federation. Both options have been implemented before, as is seen in occupied Crimea and the Russian-backed mercenaries of Donetsk and Luhansk. The published plan continues the Kremlin's efforts to dismember Ukraine.

A separate point in the plan is to eliminate public bodies as if there was any doubt - it is an open secret. Attacks on Kyiv, the buildup of Russian troops, and fierce fighting in the suburbs of our capital are attempts to make this happen.

These bloody attempts deserve a separate trial on charges of war crimes and crimes against humanity, given the Russian fascists’ extraordinary brutality against the civilian population and urban infrastructure.

As for the economy, the plan to destroy Ukraine envisages merging it with Russia's economy, including the banking system, the agro-industrial complex (Putin needs to feed the occupation army and Russian regions), and defense enterprises.

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 Naturally, the "plan" also mentions Ukraine's breaking up with European structures, abolishing the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement, and joining Putin's bloc of enslaved peoples called the Eurasian Economic Union. In short, the Kremlin's plan for Ukraine is to plunge it into the gloomy "sovok" under the total control of fascist Russia, its politicians, the military, and administrators. A mixture of Stalinism and Putinism.

 The plan is also to distort Ukraine’s Constitution to fit Russia's needs (they’ve been demanding this since the so-called Minsk Protocols) to consolidate the "right" to separate the regions, recognize the independence of the terrorist LDPRs, and federalize what would remain after such dissections.

The occupiers intended to "hand” power over to "local authorities" who would be "elected" under the muzzle of a gun following a "referendum" held under the same conditions in the occupied territories. This scenario is a copy of what they did in occupied Crimea, Donetsk and Luhansk

It is another confirmation of identical actions and intentions to destroy Ukraine and its statehood by creating fake, puppet occupation administrations maintained only with the help of the Russian army’s bayonets.

 Rewriting and falsifying Ukraine’s history in line with the Russian matrix is also part of the plan.

Here again, the Kremlin uses the pretext of "denazification" and fighting "Nazism" that does not exist in Ukraine. By the way, the fighters against this "Nazism" of their making intend to seize and destroy educational literature. Everything is like in the Third Reich, as commanded by the muse of Russian racism, Joseph Goebbels.

 This is the case in world history when the aggressor is trying to create a pseudo-legal framework to destroy the country that fell victim to its aggression.

The plan also includes points that could be called populist

 These points should create an illusion of the occupiers "protecting" the interests of the local population. Those are lies. Don’t believe the enemy that is destroying our country. Such points are strategically crucial for Russia. For instance, banning grain exports. This means the collapse of foreign trade.

It is especially important to note that China buys Ukrainian grain. At the same time, it is a question of Russia swallowing the Ukrainian food market. Putin really needs to resolve the food issue to feed his occupation army supplied with field rations that expired in 2015, and the rest of the Russian Federation’s population in the face of stringent sanctions and economic blockade.

Clearly, he tried to do it at the expense of the occupied country. The history of famines in Ukraine organized by Imperial Russia (regardless of its name) cannot be erased or taken out of context. The hungry and wretched Russian occupiers already engage in looting, demanding that they be fed by the local population in the occupied territories.

Another essential objective of the plan is to merge the Ukrainian agro-industrial market with Russia's, increasing the overall impact on world food and grain markets to dictate its own conditions, just as Russia is dictating and blackmailing Europe in the gas sector.


Apparently, Russia’s blitzkrieg plans aimed to completely destroy Ukraine as a state and subsequently conduct genocide against the Ukrainian people. Virtually every point in this plan aligns with the logic and nature of the occupiers’ actions in the occupied territories.

The plan is actually about creating a reservation with no fundamental rights and freedoms for the people of Ukraine. It is an attempt to plunge our country back into Stalin's repressions and Soviet planning, which at one time led to the extermination of millions of Ukrainians by the punitive bodies of the Russian Empire and waves of famine. It was all done to punish Ukrainians for their resistance and  their desire to defend and protect their state.

This plan is sure to be one more incentive and motivation to withstand the Russian invasion and protect Ukrainian statehood and sovereignty. In addition, this "plan to destroy Ukraine" is evidence of a large-scale war crime against sovereign Ukraine and its people, serving as one of the many pieces of evidence at an international tribunal in The Hague.

I am confident that a comprehensive analysis by professional experts, together with the testimony of those who received this document via secure channels, will help establish its authors.

 The leader of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, and all his political and military entourage (including Russian Reich chief diplomat Lavrov and Defense Minister Shoigu) are clearly the main authors of this plan to exterminate Ukrainians and conduct genocide against the entire nation. The time for retribution and punishment of war criminals is sure to come.

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