Ukraine takes responsibility for Saky airfield strike, explosions in Enerhodar cut off water and power, Big Oil’s “toxic bind” in Russia

8 September, 03:18 PM

Newsletter by Romeo Kokriatski, Managing Editor, New Voice of Ukraine Thursday, September 8th, 2022

•  The Ukrainian Armed Forces have acknowledged that they have conducted strikes against airbases in occupied Crimea.

This is the first time the military has taken responsibility for explosions in occupied Crimea – Ukraine’s commander-in-chief, General Valeriy Zaluzhnyy, has publicly revealed that Ukraine was responsible for the Saky airfield bombing, which disabled or destroyed at least 10 Russian aircraft. The General also noted that while Ukraine and Russia have a "significant disproportion in capabilities,” it is quite possible to counter the enemy's ability to act with impunity and at range.

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•  Lithuania has sent a number of 105-mm howitzers to Ukraine.

These U.S.-made howitzers are noted to be M101 towed variants, and is a short-barreled artillery weapon that fires a split charge, that can be high-explosive, armor-piercing, cluster, or smoke, to a range of 11 to 19 km. This support brings Lithuanian military aid to Ukraine up to about EUR 180 million.


•  An explosion in Enerhodar has cut off power and water supplies in the city.

"At 12:20 p.m. [on Sept. 6], the residents of Enerhodar reported that a powerful explosion rang out in the city,” wrote Enerhodar mayor Dmytro Orlov. “After that, electricity and water supply disappeared simultaneously in Enerhodar.” Orlov added that the circumstances of the incident are being investigated. It is not yet known what caused the explosion.


•  Russia’s redeployment of forces from Kharkiv and Donbas to Kherson has allowed for opportunistic Ukrainian counterattacks on those fronts.

According to the Institute for the Study of War, these counterattacks are best exemplified by a recent Ukrainian advance on the occupied town of Balakliya in Kharkiv Oblast. “Geolocated footage posted on Sept. 6 shows Ukrainian infantry in eastern Verbivka (less than 3 kilometers from Balakliya). Multiple Russian sources acknowledged Ukrainian gains in Verbivka and reported that Russian forces demolished unspecified bridges in Balakliya’s eastern environs to prevent further Ukrainian advances,” ISW analysts write.


•  Elite Russian units have been encircled by Ukrainian forces in Kharkiv Oblast.

The Samara and Bashkir Special Rapid Response Units (SOBR), which were in Balakliya in Kharkiv Oblast, have been surrounded, claims Russian military propagandist Yury Kotenok. In addition, he stated that the Ukrainian army in Kharkiv Oblast is conducting an offensive on two axes at once: Kupyansk and Izyum. Balalkliya residents have been urged by the local council to observe information silence and refrain from spreading information about the movement of the Ukrainian army in the region. 



•  Ukraine’s central bank is stepping in to shore up banks’ dwindling foreign cash supplies.

Ukrainian banks have been facing deficits of foreign cash, especially USD and EUR, as fall of the Ukrainian hryvnia has urged hryvnia holders to purchase a more stable currency. However, the National Bank of Ukraine has said that these deficits are temporary, and says that “the National Bank is closely monitoring the situation and has enough foreign cash to maintain the cash foreign currency liquidity of the banking system at an appropriate level to meet the needs of Ukrainians.”The NBU clarified that such operations will not affect international reserves.


•  The day’s long read: Climate advocate Louis Wilson writes about Big Oil’s toxic ties to Russian extractive industry, and the profits they’re still reaping.

Despite promises from major Western fossil fuel companies to stop cooperating with Russian counterparts, many of the largest remain closely linked to – and have profited from – the Russian military-industrial complex. “The majors are stuck in a toxic bind, unable or perhaps unwilling to extricate themselves from Russia’s war machine,” writes Wilson.

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